About Me


Hellooo!  I’m Liz.

You might as well know I am completely new to this blogging business and so haven’t a clue half the time what I’m doing. If you get sent a picture of a pig, or me eating a sandwich, or maybe an invite to buy my table that I’ve had for sale since January,  it’s because  I get frustrated and just press every button on this confusing programme and hope for the best. I keep saying after every blog. “that’s it. I’m not doing another” But then find myself being pulled back to the keyboard for just one more try.

Ima homeschool mum,  doing the best I  can now that my once ‘young and easy children’ have morphed into older but just as lovely teenagers. I won’t deny that I struggle. With most things parenty actually. I’m always looking for new ways to confuse the family, and in doing so, myself it seems. I’ve just discovered Grammarly and so now at least, I know that my spelling is not going to cause me embarrassment in years to come.

Anyway! Nice talking to you, thanks for stopping by. If you’re on the ‘About’ page, Yay! I got it right! x