What is YOUR dream?

I start each year with many good intentions and one huge dream.

My big dream never changes. It has always been to write a book.

But every year the same thing happens.

By March, I create excuses for it not to happen.

I blame bad timing and poor circumstances.

I say it is self-indulgent.

I tell myself that I have too much to worry about.

I convince myself that making money is a priority.

I tell myself it’s selfish. Not fair on the rest of the family.

Say it would take too much time.

And although I know that JK Rowling managed to write her book in between eating dry Weetabix and making wooden clogs for her daughter, I tell myself I’m too tired.

Who has the energy to write a book in the evenings? Not me I say.

So the book remains unwritten and another year passes.

But the REAL reason I have never written my book is that I’m scared I will fail.

Terrified in fact.

I tell myself, ‘you’re not capable. You don’t have what it takes. No one is interested. Leave it to the professionals. Don’t make a fool out of yourself Liz.’

And in doing so, the dream gets shelved for another year.

But not this time…Because now I have YOU.

Woman smiling at the camera in New Zealand.

Why You Need To Say YES!

This year, not only am I going to write a book, but I plan on writing it with you next to me.

I want to share every step of my forthcoming journey with you.

Here’s why I (really) hope you’ll join me:

I am guessing that you have something that you long to do.

Something that you keep putting on the back burner until ‘the time is right’.

Reason #1: (all about you)

Every week I will send you weekly emails, updates. Inspirational and honest emails where I’ll share my step by step account of writing (and publishing) a book.

You will watch as I put myself out there, into the arena of scariness for everyone to see.

This will encourage you to do the same.

It will give YOU the confidence to make your step.

Inspire YOU to do your scary thing.

It just will. I know it will.

I plan to share everything, absolutely everything that is spurring me on to write this book. So that you can take those lessons and apply them to your dream.

So? Are you ready to sign up and join me?

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