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Is an Hour Long Enough for a Layover Flight?

Only an hour to get to our layover flight out of Los Angeles. Is it enough? This post contains affiliate links. They cost you nothing but we make a small commission.   Firstly, What is a Layover?   A layover is a term used in air travel. It is when you have to connect...

New Zealand. Home to Second Best Region in The World

Speak to any traveller and  New Zealand will always be on their list of top places to visit in the world. For some - like us, they may even end up emigrating to this wonderful piece of paradise. And where better to settle when you finally make it to this island that...

Stop Worrying About The Future. It Hasn’t Happened Yet.

orrying about the future. That's what I've been up to. This post is over a week old. I've been too scared to share it with you. It's a post about worrying about the future and what that looks like.  I couldn't bring myself to hit the publish...

On a Budget in New Zealand? Two Places to Relax and Unwind.

eing on a budget in New Zealand doesn't mean you can't spend your days soaking and relaxing like a millionaire. Hidden treasures in any tourist destination are not hard to find if you know where to look. If you're looking for family-friendly...

Homeschooling and Working Full Time. Is it Possible?

Before we emigrated to New Zealand and were living in England, homeschooling or home education whatever you wish to call it, was something that had always interested me. Two things stopped me. Having a huge mortgage meant that we couldn’t survive on one wage alone. I owned and ran a café at the time, and I certainly wasn’t going to take two kids under 7 with me to work. Can you imagine? Sonny would have eaten all of the profits for a start. And secondly, I was under the impression that homeschoolers were a bit weird – another reason I didn’t try harder to make homeschooling an option.Homeschooling remained a distant fantasy. And off to school, they went.


I am Liz! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years travelling around the world together, sharing a passion for travel, adventure, food and wine!

By 2004, we had become a family! We continued to travel the world and look for adventures with our little children. By 2009 our itchy feet wanted to wander further!

In 2009, we emigrated to NZ But we still longed to travel. In 2017 we set off to backpack the world with our teenagers! Join us and let me show you that if I can do it, you can do it!

I am Liz! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years together travelling around the world, sharing a passion for travel, adventure, food and wine!

We returned home to Bath, England and by 2004 we had a beautiful family. We still continued to travel the world with our little children but we had bigger plans. We wanted to emigrate!

In 2009, we took our family and emigrated to the other side of the world, New Zealand. In 2017, our next big adventure is about to happen. We are setting off to travel the world as a family with teenagers! Join us and let me show you that if I can do it, you can do it!


A homeschool Mothers’ life. Her REAL life…

Someone, whom I won't name, said to me this week "You're so lucky... You just seem to have it all together..." I won't tell you how I replied, but, it got me thinking. As a result, I'd thought I'd share with you all my life of which some may see (through those pink...

No maths. It’s Friday!

We are driving along -us three and I,  spotting an available time slot (squeezed in between the set of traffic lights ahead, ) see an ideal opportunity in which to have a quick maths lesson. This is what us homeschoolers do, isn't it?  look for every given opportunity...

Self Help Books? No thanks.

I've been pushed to my bedroom. Two computers in the house. One of which is playing a very blue and yellow film about a lost fish and the other of which is killing monsters made of bricks. I’m on my bed. Incidentally, this is exactly where I was when i found myself...

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