It’s A Drama Podcast.

The idea for this podcast was thought up by my son on a flight from Bangkok to new Zealand. “why don’t we start a podcast telling people what it is REALLY like to travel the world with two kids”.

And that was that.

As is mostly the case with any new project that I undertake, I believe the ‘let’s just do it and see how it goes’ approach is often the best.

And that’s what we’re doing. It’s code for winging it.

So here we are. A teenage boy (who is far to laid back for my liking) and his middle aged but-no-way-does-she-look-it mother (who laughs like a miner and interrupts far too much) duo, talking about world travel, adventure and being a stronger family unit.

In a world crammed with digital media that promises social interaction it is a sad fact that more and more families feel disconnected form each other.

This podcast was born to help everyday normal families like you and me see that reconnecting with the ones you love through travel, adventure and conversation is easy peasy.

Well, ok then. Maybe not easy peasy, but quite peasy, very easy and most importantly – fun!

Podcast Episodes

Living in New Zealand. The Pros & Cons PODCAST #007

Living in New Zealand. The Pros & Cons PODCAST #007

If you have ever thought about leaving your home country and emigrating, I bet New Zealand was on the short list. Since 2010, New Zealand has seen, amongst other nationalities, 10,000 Americans and 42,000 British get off the plane in Auckland or Wellington and prepare to spend their future living in New Zealand.

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How Expensive is it To Live in New Zealand PODCAST #006

How Expensive is it To Live in New Zealand PODCAST #006

We have decided to do a series of life in New Zealand and so this weeks podcast covered the basics of how expensive is New Zealand to live?We have been living in New Zealand for ten years. We emigrated from the UK where we lived in the very posh (and bloody expensive) city of Bath. If you are posh you have to say ‘Barrth’.

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