So you want to emigrate? 3 tips to consider.​

So you want to emigrate? 3 tips to consider.​

For those who are thinking of emigrating. 3 tips to consider.

Will it be different over there? It was for us but you have to make your own descsion about emigrating.

So You Want To Emigrate? 3 Tips To Consider before making that leap:

You probably spend all day, every day- dreaming about emigrating. You have asked yourself, several times over the past few months, “what it’s all about?” You question, why it is that you or your husband work all year for a measly couple of weeks off in the summer. You dream of a different life. An easier life. And you believe that if you emigrate you will find a happier way of life. Well, thats how it worked for us anyway. But, before you take our lead and heave your family to the other side of the world, consider the 3 tips further down the page. (more…)

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