I’m so glad that you found me. I’m Liz.


The founder and author of ‘It’s a Drama’. A blog about travel, adventure, family and wine (because there always has to be wine). It is a blog about how to brave changes- head on, how to jump into an adventure- big or small and live life to the fullest. How to travel the world, live differently, with some money or very little money. Whatever your age.Meet my husband, Brian. That’s who I’ll be talking about when I say ‘we’ from now on. We have always been world travellers, adventurers and entrepreneurs. But most importantly we have always been optimists.

Like any other couple, we have had loads of challenges, some personal, but mostly financial. But we have always held true to our belief that if you really want to make something happen, then you’ll do so.

We have spent the last thirty years (gulp) chasing after one adventure after another. We have been accused of many things over the years. Being butterflies, of not being able to settle, of upsetting the apple cart.

Lots of names. But guess what? We’d rather be butterflies than worms. How about you?


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