Living The Dream. New Zealand.

In August this year, we will have been living the dream in New Zealand for 8 years. I can’t quite believe it. It seems just yesterday that we made the decision to emigrate to New Zealand from the UK. 8 years. So much has happened in that time. Continue reading “Living The Dream. New Zealand.”

Dear Wine, I love You. Yours forever, a Woman.

Ask any woman of a certain age to list the top 5 loves of her life, and I can pretty much guarantee that wine will be one of them. And rightly so. A recent survey suggests that in moderation wine is good for you. Wine makes you relax. Wine makes you happy. Oh, Wine. You need to hear how much I love you…

Dear Wine, Continue reading “Dear Wine, I love You. Yours forever, a Woman.”

Ideas for A Budget Weekend in Auckland with Your Family.


A Budget Weekend in Auckland with Teenagers.

If you plan to visit Auckland with the family and have never been to a planetarium, then you’re in for a treat. Stardome Planetarium and Observatory.

Tackling a weekend city break with two teenagers while on a budget, will find you needing to be resourceful. Continue reading “Ideas for A Budget Weekend in Auckland with Your Family.”

5 Fears That Every Woman Can Eventually Conquer.

Being a 46-year-old woman is wonderful. You really are in your prime. Any fears that you may have had back in your younger days are conquered.
There’s no Continue reading “5 Fears That Every Woman Can Eventually Conquer.”

Judging the Judgemental​.

If we can resist judging those that are judgmental we will all find a little piece of happiness.
It hurts to be judged but it hurts more to be judgmental.

Judging someone for being judgmental is like watching a dog chase its tail around in circles endlessly. It is a pointless exercise. You will never bite off the tail.

Dear judgmental person,

I am trying really hard not to judge you for what you said about me. I know that judging you for being judgmental of me, is like Continue reading “Judging the Judgemental​.”

The Basement Theatre. Auckland. The Perfect Pace to Take the Family! 

A weekend city break is pretty easy with little children. There are parks and zoos and usually, a bouncy castle hiding somewhere between the sausage sizzle and the honey stall on the Saturday street market, but taking teenagers away to the city for the weekend – especially on a budget, can be a bit hit and miss.

No parent wants to go to all the effort -not to mention the costs involved in packing the family away for the weekend,  only to be faced with long faces and wails of “I’m bored” from the teenagers. Continue reading “The Basement Theatre. Auckland. The Perfect Pace to Take the Family! “

In Support of the Teenager​.

It has come to my attention that over the past few months of writing this blog, I may have come over as being a whinging old bag. A hormonal, moaning Brit expat. The mother of two teenagers.

It dawned on me, Continue reading “In Support of the Teenager​.”