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Stop Worrying About Your Teenagers. I Dare You.

ast week I had the most terrible day. After being on our world backpacking trip for ten months, my daughter had a meltdown and told me she couldn't wait to go home and never wanted to set foot on an aeroplane ever again. Not ideal when your future...

How To Live A Life Of Travel With Kids Who Want To Go Home.

e have been travelling the world as a family for exactly ten months. Within that time we have visited endless countries and slept in beds, sheds, and in vehicles that I wasn't sure we would come out of alive. I'm not going to go into the ins and...

Travel With Kids Blog. How to Stay Sane Before Wine O’Clock.

There are three reasons I will share this information with you. One: because I am kind. Two: because  I have spent the best part of a year travelling the world with two teenagers so I know what I’m talking about when it comes to travelling with kids thank you very much, and three: well; three because I think you need to know and I want you to read my blog.

The Bog Post Diaries. Getting Sloshed at the Rockfest.

Iwent to a festival last night. The local village Rockfest. I got to stay up late past ten o’clock. Yes, I know you’ll be shocked, me being the classy, organic chick that I am and all but hey. What can I say? Sometimes Mummy’s just have to get down with the sounds and chill.

The Queen of Travel Blogging. Meeting My Hero.

I have been blogging for almost ten months and in that time have surrounded myself with other travel bloggers. I Istarted blogging because I longed to reach out and talk to people. Grown-ups. Adults – other than the sheep shearer.


I am Liz! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years travelling around the world together, sharing a passion for travel, adventure, food and wine!

By 2004, we had become a family! We continued to travel the world and look for adventures with our little children. By 2009 our itchy feet wanted to wander further!

In 2009, we emigrated to NZ But we still longed to travel. In 2017 we set off to backpack the world with our teenagers! Join us and let me show you that if I can do it, you can do it!

I am Liz! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years together travelling around the world, sharing a passion for travel, adventure, food and wine!

We returned home to Bath, England and by 2004 we had a beautiful family. We still continued to travel the world with our little children but we had bigger plans. We wanted to emigrate!

In 2009, we took our family and emigrated to the other side of the world, New Zealand. In 2017, our next big adventure is about to happen. We are setting off to travel the world as a family with teenagers! Join us and let me show you that if I can do it, you can do it!


Snobby Britain. The Real Reason We Emigrated

We emigrated from Bath in the Uk almost ten years ago. I’ll admit, I sometimes struggle when people ask me why we did it. Then, upon returning to our old home city in the Uk, I remembered.

Couchsurfing Review. What it is And What it Isn’t.

Before my husband and I set off to travel the world with our two kids aged 16 and 13, I had never heard about Couchsurfing. I certainly didn’t think it would be something that a family could be part of. However, six months, four countries and 27 Couchsurfing hosts later, I am now more than qualified to give you an honest Couchsurfing review. 

Backpacking in India. 20 Things You Will NEVER Say.

I loved backpacking in India. I sit and think about all of the challenges we faced traveling around India as a family for six weeks and I smile a satisfied smile. If you can go backpacking in India you can do anything in the whole wide world. India is one of those...

Cost to Travel the World. 4 Months In.

his week marks four months since our family of four left New Zealand to travel around the world. The question that always arises when we tell people about our trip is, "How much does it cost to travel the world?".   Why Not Pin This For Later?  ...

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