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Japan Two Week Itinerary – Recommended by the Locals.

e didn't follow a standard Japan two week itinerary. We were tempted I'll admit, but the trouble was, nearly every Japan travel blog with a suggested two-week itinerary all seemed to point in the same direction. The 'to do' cities. The typical...

Christmas on the Beach or In The Snow?

Christmas on the BEACH or Christmas in the SNOW? Snowy jingle bells and mulled wine or flip-flops and a cold glass of Pinot Grigio? Which one do YOU think is best?

Deciding To Leave Everything Behind for a Year.

s it possible to leave everything behind for a whole year? The house, the job, the schooling, the bills.The dog. Is that possible? Leave everything behind to go and travel the world. Could I start a travel blog? Take two teenagers, a shed load of...

Moving Back Into Our Kiwi Abode. Poo And All.

e have been back from our year-long backpacking trip around the world for almost two weeks. Yesterday, our renter's tenancy agreement ended and we moved back into our house on the hill in New Zealand. Initial thoughts when I walked through the...

Going Home After A Year Of Travel

lright. I promised you a coming home post, so here it is. Firstly, let me say that just because we are back in New Zealand, it doesn't mean that it's the end of this blog. Far from it. Thanks to you lovely people this travel blog has grown...

Pessimist vs Optimist. Which Are You?

hat is an optimist and what is a pessimist? While an optimist will always find a way of seeing the positive in a situation, a pessimist will find every reason possible for things to go wrong. A doom and gloomer. Optimism vs pessimism. Which are...

Hanoi to Phong Nha. How To Do It.

e have just spent 6 weeks backpacking through Vietnam as a family and we absolutley loved it. We flew into Hanoi, took the bus to Mai Chai and then took a sleeper train from Hanoi to Phong Nha. This post may contain affiliate links. They cost you...

5 Fears That You Need To Ignore When Travelling With Kids.

his is an honest travelling family blog. Worts and all. Because I know that if you are considering travelling with your family - whatever age - you will have doubts that need to be addressed. You need answers, honest answers, not silly ancy...

How Do Regular People Afford To Travel The World?

uestion: How to afford to travel? This is the answer that people look for when we tell them that we are currently traveling the world with our two kids. And no. We are not millionaires. Far from it. And neither are the traveller's stories you are...


I am Liz! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years travelling around the world together, sharing a passion for travel, adventure, food and wine!

By 2004, we had become a family! We continued to travel the world and look for adventures with our little children. By 2009 our itchy feet  wandered further as we packed our bags and emigrated to New Zealand!

In 2017 we started a travel blog and made the decision to take our life savings and backpack around the world with our kids! Join us and let me show you what it looks like to travel with two teenagers, very little money, an abundance of hormones and not enough wine…Let’s go!

I am Liz! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years together travelling around the world, sharing a passion for travel, adventure, food and wine!

We returned home to Bath, England and by 2004 we had a beautiful family. We still continued to travel the world with our little children but we had bigger plans. We wanted to emigrate!

In 2009, we took our family and emigrated to the other side of the world, New Zealand. In 2017, our next big adventure is about to happen. We are setting off to travel the world as a family with teenagers! Join us and let me show you that if I can do it, you can do it!


Snobby Britain. The Real Reason We Emigrated

We emigrated from Bath in the Uk almost ten years ago. I’ll admit, I sometimes struggle when people ask me why we did it. Then, upon returning to our old home city in the Uk, I remembered.

Couchsurfing Review. What it is And What it Isn’t.

Before my husband and I set off to travel the world with our two kids aged 16 and 13, I had never heard about Couchsurfing. I certainly didn’t think it would be something that a family could be part of. However, six months, four countries and 27 Couchsurfing hosts later, I am now more than qualified to give you an honest Couchsurfing review. 

Taking an Indian Sleeper Bus. NOT For The Fainthearted.

here are many things I discovered while travelling in India, things that no guidebook or India travel blog could ever have told me about. One of those things being the hell that is the overnight sleeper bus. I'm sorry India. I loved your country...

Backpacking in India. 20 Things You Will NEVER Say.

loved backpacking in India. I sit and think about all of the challenges we faced traveling around India as a family for six weeks and I smile a satisfied smile. If you can go backpacking in India you can do anything in the whole wide world. India...

Cost to Travel the World. 4 Months In.

his week marks four months since our family of four left New Zealand to travel around the world. The question that always arises when we tell people about our trip is, "How much does it cost to travel the world?".   Why Not Pin This For Later?  ...

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