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Its a drama podcast

Family Travel


I am Liz, a travel and lifestyle blogger! I met the love of my life, Brian, in the late 80’s. We spent our first 10 years together wearing very large shoulder pads, saying “rad” alot and travelling around the world. It was within those ten years that we discovered our mutual passion for travel, adventure, food and wine. And chocolate peanut M&M’s.

As tends to happen, we grew into adults (sort of), got a mortgage (boo hoo) and started a  family (yay!) We still continued to travel the world with our little children but our itchy feet were never far away and we decided that rather than mess about with holidays, we’d go all out and so we emigrated to New Zealand. Once there, our lifestyle changed dramatically. We are currently backpacking the world with our two teenagers, trying to regain our youth (joke. Sort of) whilst trying to conceal the amount of wine we drink each night (truth). We would love you to join our journey on this honest (a bit too honest) blog as we try to discover ways to make this lifestyle achievable, not just for us, but for you too!


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