Staying Positive In Lockdown (It’s Not All Worm Sh*t) PODCAST #20

Staying Positive In Lockdown (It’s Not All Worm Sh*t) PODCAST #20

Yesterday, at 12pm, New Zealand went to level 4 and as such, the entire country is currently in lockdown for (a minimum) of four weeks.

Saying it and doing it are two different things.

When you are going about your daily life, walking to work and drinking coffee in cafes with buskers outside, the idea of spending a month with the same people behind closed doors seems somewhat of a novelty.

It wouldn’t be too bad, you think to yourself.

And then it starts.

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The Difference Between Me & My Husband.

The Difference Between Me & My Husband.

  They say opposites attract.  I met my husband when I was 17. I turned forty-seven this year. Thirty years of opposite behaviour and still he hasn't told me to sling my hook.   He is calm. I am an erratic nutter.   He says to the kids: "let's just...

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