Places and Destinations That we Know You will Love Too!

With so many places and destinations around the world, it’s hard to know which one to choose first before setting off on your next adventure. What a fabulous position to be in!

It’s always very useful if someone you trust has been there before you and gives you an honest rundown of what you can expect.

Having worked and travelled throughout the world for almost thirty years, fifteen years by ourselves and fifteen with our children, we have had lots of amazing adventures. You can read all about us here.

You will know by now that Its a Drama is not only a travel blog about family, adventure and wine (there always has to be a good glass of wine!) but is also about change. Embracing change and jumping into your next exciting phase of life!

What is You’re Travel Style? Are you about to take a leap into the unknown and serve yourself up a huge tasty helping of excitement?

Fabulous! Head on over to our start here page and we can take it step by step together!

As you can imagine, over the past thirty years, our travel style has changed immensely. From young backpackers hitchhiking and sleeping rough under trees in Greece, then having money in our twenties and staying in posh hotels in Verona, New York and Paris.

Taking babies in nappies and prams around Europe and Canada, to treking for miles in New Zealand bush and white water rafting with two teenagers. We have had to adapt and change our travel style, and you will too.

The things we look for now when we travel are quite different from that of ten years ago. Now, food is a huge factor. And culture. Adventure, for the teenagers, but not mad busy tourist adventure. Just real, often improvised, off the beaten track family adventures. And as long as we can get some decent wifi every couple of weeks, my two big kids will be happy!

Obviously, we haven’t been to every single destination in the world. But we are young (ish). And optimistic. We will see them all eventually! Until then, we hope you enjoy reading about the places and destinations that we have been to already.

Ready for a change? Travel the world and Live the life you deserve. Now!

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About Us

I’m Liz and this is my family!
With 30 years of world travel experience, this regular bunch are embracing change, living differently and travelling the world! How?

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