New Zealand. Land of the long White Cloud

What Does It Cost To Live in New Zealand. Will I be Flush or Broke?

When you think about New Zealand, a few things come to mind. The Hobbit, sheep, nature, green and last but not least; cost. Money. Expense.  But much does it really cost to live in New Zealand? What are the most expensive items? The cheapest? How much money will you need if you plan to visit or live in this gorgeous country?

20 Unspoken Truths About New Zealand That May Surprise You.

You are reading an honest New Zealand travel blog. I have been living in New Zealand for ten years and I like to keep it real and tell you how it is. Here are 20 travel tips that you will need to know before setting off fro your adventure!

Taranaki, New Zealand. Why I Love Living Here.

peak to any traveller and  New Zealand will always be on their list of top places to visit in the world. For some - like us, they may even end up emigrating to this wonderful piece of paradise. And where better to settle when you finally make...

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