Someone, whom I won’t name, said to me this week

“You’re so lucky… You just seem to have it all together…”

I won’t tell you how I replied, but, it got me thinking.

As a result, I’d thought I’d share with you all my life of which some may see (through those pink specs)  and the actual reality of it most days.

Here’s how this week went.

(Please excuse the crap drawings… my sister is the artist in the family.

As some of you may be aware, I have homeschooled both my kids for the past 8 years. (Sonny is coming up to 16, and Tessa is nearly 13.) Fun times. Honestly. No really. OK then. Fine.

When you tell people that you homeschool, that you decided, out of choice, to stay at home with the little buggers, they look at you with either :

(a) Do you need to see a doctor? Or,

(b) Are you a half-wit?  No, just joking. Or,

(b) Wow… you are amazing … what a fabulous life you must have.

Here’s what people imagine homeschooling to look like…

And so Henry, King of England, was born, Blah, Blah, Blah…

But if you’d walked into my house on Monday morning.

This is how homeschooling really looked…

Get off that friggin’ computer, you unhealthy pair of addicts…

It’s not easy being married to a plumber with his own business. As any self-employed person will know, the money gets paid, as and when. Usually when. When the customer remembers or when they can be bothered.

Wednesday came around and I was asked to phone and chase a customer… Great.


Sonny decides to play the hallelujah song at a rate of knots on the piano… Tessa is winding the cat up, the signal on the phone goes dead if you go anywhere outside the prison of the living room… So.

This is what the customer thought they heard…

No problem, honestly! Just whenever you’re ready!

However, had they listened properly they would have heard this …

Hhmmm . Moving swiftly on to Friday.

I look on FB and see a gorgeous picture of a couple sipping wine, with a caption “date night!”.
Date night.

What’s that?.

I think back to the days before my life changed beyond belief.  To the days before my chicklings took my life and decided to claim it as their own. To the days when I didn’t introduce myself as, ” Hi! I’m Liz… Sonnys’ mum”.

If I lied to you. Remember, lied to you, here’s  what our bedroom looked like on Friday night…

I feel so young


It was a lie… remember?? the reality? Come on… and don’t bother telling me this isn’t the last thing you think of a night…

Did you put the bins out?

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Exactly. Charming but true. There. So that was my week. That was my little, homeschooling, practically perfect wife and Mother week.
Right. I’m off to cook my children a homemade risotto … frozen pie and chips? Me?


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