For years I’ve tried to use natural deodorants. Admittedly, I did it to make myself feel better about the environment and to trick people into believing that I am a chilled out hippie who only drinks cabbage water and never shouts at her kids.

If I’m honest. I also wondered what all the hype was about.  I don’t know a lot about toxins, but I do know that it’s not good to ram a roll of tin foil under your armpits to stop yourself from smelling.

Alas, try as I may, I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that I liked, or, more importantly, that worked.

And then a miracle happened. I discovered Everkind.

Everkind is made in New Zealand, which is handy, me living here and all. Isn’t it always the way? You search the world for a natural deodorant (that works) and abracadabra, there it was all along, being made locally just up the road.


Why Do You  Love Everkind Natural Deodorant?


For a start, I love the name. The smell of sweat is gone forever, and I am a kinder, healthier Mummy for using it. Perfect combination.


I Love The Packaging.


I’m not a pink girl, but I love the cardboard packaging and the soft pastels colour of the brand, along with all the doodle style pencil drawings. This deodorant will bring out the artist in you.


I Love The Smell.


Which is a huge bonus. I am a massive fan of aromatherapy oils; I can’t live without them. If I didn’t have lavender on my pillow at night, I’d probably turn into a hyperactive insomniac. The Everkind deodorants are filled with the sensual aromas of rose, peppermint, geranium and manuka honey. They smell gorgeous and make me feel very calm and happy.

Another huge tick.


What Ingredients Are In The Deodorant?


Everkind deodorants are made using organic camelia oil, along with organic tapioca starch, natural sodium bicarbonate and organic NZ beeswax. The Ultra and the Refresh formulas also contain special blends of pregnancy safe organic essential oils.


My Favourite Flavour?


I have tried all three of the Everkind deodorants, and honestly, as you might have guessed, I adore them all. If I had to choose, I’d say my personal favourite is the Ultra. The one that smells of rose and geranium.  I love seeing the gorgeous pink packaging on my bathroom shelf in the morning. I get excited knowing that I am applying a small amount of luxury to myself every day.

You know how sometimes you save your most gorgeous smelling perfumes for only special occasions? Well, wearing this deodorant makes you feel as though you are treating yourself to something lovely every single day.


But Does This Natural Deodorant Actually Work?


For Travel

I have put this deodorant to the test so many times. I recently travelled the world with my family for a year. We backpacked all over Asia – my Everkind endured excessive heat, salt, sand, dust and noodles and not once did this deodorant let me down.

And I’m Sweaty – especially when I have to carry a rucksack for hours.

For The Hormones

Since hitting my forties, my body has adopted an annoying habit of sweating whenever I become stressed. At the slightest thing — bucket loads of the stuff. Very annoying.

Since using Everkind, I have never had to worry about this ever again. I can’t tell you why. Other deodorants that I have used have contained similar ingredients, but they have always left me smelling slightly iffy at the end of the day – Everkind? Not a hint.


Best natural deodorant


Any Downsides?

Everkind deodorant is a paste that you apply to yourself. A few people have said that this might put them off. Really; it’s not a big deal. You need so little of the stuff that it is literally a swipe across your armpits and then on with your bra. Easy peasy.

The Price

Again, at NZD 29.99 (which is about $20 US) the cost initially appears expensive for a deodorant, but remember, a tube of Everkind deodorant lasts me for at least three months, which, when you do the sums, is fabulous value for smelling sweet all day.

And you are saving the planet.

The company that makes Everkind is based in New Zealand, so if you are in NZ or Aus then you are in luck –  free shipping to these countries is included in the price.

If you are elsewhere in the world then keep your eyes peeled. No doubt, once word gets out about this fabulous kiwi deodorant it won’t be long before it hits the rest of the globe.


One Last Thing.


Yes, this is a review, and yes, I received a free tube of the deodorant in return for me telling you about it, but, to be honest, (and don’t tell Everkind this) I would have shouted about this amazing deodorant from the rooftops for nothing!  It’s not easy to find a natural deodorant that works, it took me 46 years, so when I finally hit gold I wanted to share my discovery with you.

Because I am kind. And nobody likes to have smelly friends,

All I want to say to you is trust me when I say that Everkind is the best natural deodorant out there.

I love it. You will love it. Your body will love it.

Visit the Everkind website: to check out their amazing range of products.

You can also follow Everkind on Instagram @everkindnz




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