Working For A Year In New Zealand

Working For A Year In New Zealand

If you have always dreamt of living in New Zealand, are under 30 years old and have a bit of dosh saved up (enough to get you back to your own country) you can spend a year working in New Zealand by getting yourself a year-long working Visa.

That way you can see how you like it.

This weeks podcast episode features Adam, a twenty-something chappy from the UK is doing just that.

After being persuaded by his mate to leave Thailand and come to New Zealand to work on a fairground, he got himself a year-long working visa and headed down under.

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Glamping in New Zealand (Yay Or Nay?)

Glamping in New Zealand (Yay Or Nay?)

In the ten years that we have spent living in New Zealand, my family and I have never been glamping.

Not once.

Let’s face it. It’s not the sort of thing you want to do with two kids, is it? 

But. With the kids now old enough to make their own beans on toast, Brian and I decided that it was time to check out what this New Zealand glamping craze was all about.

Get us a little bit of hippy outdoorsy fun.

And while we were there – glamping in New Zealand – we made a podcast episode for you. And wrote a post.

After all, what else would a husband and wife do when they find themselves alone without their kids for the first time in nineteen years??

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Wine O’Clock. What’s on Top? Liz & Brian Discuss: Why You Need Time Alone.

Wine O’Clock. What’s on Top? Liz & Brian Discuss: Why You Need Time Alone.

This week’s podcast is brought to you by me (Liz) and my husband Brian.

It is brought to you with love. And with wine and with sushi.

This is a different kind of podcast format from any other that we’ve done in the past (and, I won’t lie, it was slightly scarier).

 Brain and I will talk about what’s on top for us right now. As parents. As husband and wife. As friends.

What share we are loving, what are we struggling with and how we are dealing with both.

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