Another behind-the-scenes podcast where Liz and Brian share their decision to discuss such personal details about their marriage and life in public (including talking about Liz’s mum, who was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer).

The couple talks about how their family is (trying) to navigate the “new normal”, addressing guilt, wrestling with emotions and lastly, the importance of not assuming to know what others are thinking or feeling.

You never know. Not ever. If you doubt this statement, just remember what I told you about the Spitfire.

This podcast is my and Brian’s outlet: our escape, our therapy. And we really, really hope it feels the same for you too. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us your ear and allowing us into your life each week to chat.

You are incredibly important, cherished and loved by us both. 



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Husband and wife podcast about navigating mid-life.


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