I‘m finding it difficult two write a big grown-up Sri Lanka travel blog. I’m struggling with remaining positive and upbeat every day while travelling the world with my family.  So, instead, today, you are going to get my Bog Travel Diary. Part 2. if you’re looking for a useful travel blog, you may be disappointed. The Bog Diary is a look into what bad days look like as well as good ones.  

The Bog Diary. Sri Lanka Travel Blog. Same same but different.

I’ve got to write this down or otherwise, I might explode or, even worse, go down into a pit of negativity and find myself unable to return. If I write it all down without stopping, it’s my way of getting it off my chest. It does work.

They say that you have to have a bad day to appreciate the good days, don’t they? Every cloud and all that. Well, I’ll be waiting with open arms today ’cause yesterday left me feeling like shit. It was one of those days that, come 9 pm, I was struggling to keep from breaking down and blubbing in front of the kids.

We spent the whole day at the guest house because we were trying to plan for our upcoming trip to India…

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