Any homeschooler expects the same old questions and statements presented to us when we announce that our kids ‘learn at home’.
8 years on and I can confidently handle the tiresome socializing and exam questions.How sweetly I smile.Sports teams. Tick. Pyjamas. Tick. University. Tick .Tick tick tick tick TICK. Ahhh ..If only I’d known the answers to these questions eight years ago.

BUT. But. However. Nonetheless. But.

There’s  one statement that gets me every time.  Makes me draw a breath and catch it. This one when uttered, makes me imagine a huge neon sign, slowly raising above me. A downward arrow pulsing at my head flashing the words ‘FAKE’ for my interrogator to see.


Go way, go way, go way …

“Wow …There’s no way I’M brainy enough to homeschool my kids…”

AARRGGGHHH !!!  Crash. Get up Liz, you’re fine . She didn’t see. You’re still just stood here, outside the supermarket. You’re not laying on the floor covering your head. A flicker.  A breath . A smile (usually forged)

“oh.. it’s amazing what you can do with the internet.

Bye Bye, little confidence shatterer person. There. That’s the answer. Phew. Right Liz..Back to work..Where was I again? Oh yes, faking that I have the brain to teach my kids.

Thanks to of my beautiful guinea-pigs x

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