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This week’s show is a continuation from Episode 5 – Couchsurfing as a family (how to save money).

After that show, we got lots of please for us to elaborate on the ‘weird Italian host’.


Because I am very delicate and old, please don’t go attacking me and say I should be grateful that this guy let four rag-bags sleep in his house.

I am; I was very grateful.

But. This guy was a bit…weird 


So we thought we’d share.

That way, if you are considering couchsurfing with your kids (and you absolutely should – it’s the best!) you might want to avoid this certain Italian host.

Unless your kids are harder than mine and like small wooden structures.

In this episode, Sonny and I…

Talk about our very unusual couch surfing host that we experienced in Florence, Italy

Talk about Florence, alcohol, rabbits and toilets. Your mind must be boggling.


We’d love to know what you think about this week’s show and if there is anything you would like to know further so that we can include it in our question time next week!


The practices I suggested:

Eating Skinny Dipped Almonds if You are Trying To Cut Back on Chocolate!


  • You can find those chocolates here (warning* – the whole family will try to steal them. Hide them well.)


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