This episode is a biggy.

There is no way we could condense what we have just experienced into a thirty-minute show.

Today you will hear us talk about how we met a Māori couple online – on Youtube. And how, within ten days of that initial introduction, these people had travelled ten hours across the country and were sitting at our table sharing dinner with us.  Four strangers. Two cultures. One beautiful connection.

I know that you are going to love this episode.


Four friends in New Zealand. Podcast about two cultures, the Māori and the British connecting.


Hello and welcome back!

This is episode three of our six-part behind-the-scenes podcast series where we go deeper into our family life and share some things that we think will interest you and help in some aspect of your own life.


In this podcast, Brian and I talk openly about:


  • How it felt to be contacted by Mahuta who described himself as a ‘ new Māori listener’ and the way that we both behaved.
  • The fear of looking ignorant and stupid and facing those fears head-on.
  • Human kindness, openness, connection and trust.


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