How long term travel affects different family memebers. A podcast for parents and teenagers

It’s a Drama Parenting Podcast!


Episode 1: I’m really very excited to be launching our very own /travel/lifestyle and parenting podcast for 2019.

It is something that I have dreamed of doing for a while but never had the time or the courage! Having my teenagers by my side will make me seem a whole lot more courageous than I really am and plus, it gives you a chance to hear things from a different perspective.

This is all very new to us so we will be trying out different things – be gentle with us and do me a favour? Email me with topics that you would like us to discuss. Please?


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Podcast for moms of teens


What’s The Podcast About?


The first episode is us saying hello and talking about mobile devices, the pros and cons of why a kid needs a cell phone and how parents react to this.

A teenagers point of view and parents concerns. Are phones bad for our children? Is there any need to worry so much.

Some of you may know that teenagers and devises are my favourite subject – but how do kids feel?



Podcast Notes:



  • It was the best thing we have ever done.


  • It was while we were on this trip that we came up with the idea of starting a podcast wherein kids and parents discuss topics. Sharing both sides of the story.


  • I know that all teenagers are not the same. Some are really shy, others feel as though they can’t talk about certain stuff to their parents. That is why we wanted to make this podcast as honest as possible. The minute it feels awkward I will pull the plug.


  • If I had a podcast like this I would probably be addicted to it. There is so much I want to know about how other parents cope with stuff but I am usually either too embarrassed (they may think I’m a nosey cow) or too polite (what are you suggesting?). This is a fly on the wall podcast just for you.


I mess up straight away by introducing myself and then, before I know it,  I am introducing Sonny too. That is something I will have to remember when doing this podcast – to keep my mouth shut and let my kids have their say!


  • I ask my 17-year-old son, Sonny, what age did he get his phone and  WHY does he have to have it strapped to his hand for 14 hours a day?!


  • He explains about a snapchat phenomenon called ‘Streaks’. I don’t tell him what streaks referred to back in the ’80s…


  • When you hear what it is teenagers are actually doing with their phones it makes the whole worry thing a great deal easier. I’m not saying I like it, but it is the way of the world and I think it’s better to understand something rather than be frightened of it.


  • The podcast flew by so quickly. Once we got talking I really didn’t want it to end, but we think that twenty minutes is long enough. What do you think?


  • And do you like Sonny’s intro? Message me and give me some ideas, we’ll love you forever. And don’t forget, if you enjoy the parenting podcast subscribe on iTunes and leave us a review! That way we will get seen by more people. Yay!


parenting podcast A mother and son covering topics with teenagers

Talking it through with teenagers. It’s a Drama. A parenting podcast




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