Japan. The land of the rising sun and the quietest, friendliest people on earth.

5 Things To Do in Japan (That Won’t Leave You Broke)

You cannot visit Japan and do what every other tourist does. You just can't. It's against the law and I won't let you.  If you are looking for things to do in Japan, have a sense of adventure, don't mind heights and want to experience a slightly different Japan...

Backpacking in Japan. How You Can Still Be Posh On a Budget

he word backpacking and Japan are not often used in the same sentence. It is assumed that the country is far too expensive to accommodate the lowly backpacker. But it's not true. Backpacking Japan is the best and very, very do-able on a limited...

Everyday life in Japan. 10 Reasons The Japanese Are So Damn Chilled.

No matter how many books and travel blogs you read about Japan, visit the country for the first time and the first thing that will take you by surprise is how incredibly calm and quiet the people appear to be. Everyday life in Japan is like nothing you will have ever experienced before. Ever.

What to Eat In Japan When You Can’t Face Anymore Noodles.

apan has some of the best food in the world. Eating, along with many other everyday Japanese life rituals is one of the things that makes this beautiful country as exciting and as intriguing as it is. But you may be wondering what to eat in Japan...

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