Yesterday, at 12pm, New Zealand went to level 4 and as such, the entire country is currently in lockdown for (a minimum) of four weeks.

Thinking about something and then actually doing it are two different things.

When you are going about your daily life, walking to work and drinking coffee in cafes with buskers outside, the idea of spending a month with the same people behind closed doors seems somewhat of a novelty.

It wouldn’t be too bad, you think to yourself.

And then it starts.

Locked door


And after two hours of walking from the lounge to the bedroom, you begin to fantasise about getting into your car and driving to the supermarket for a packet of chewing gum.

In this week’s podcast episode three of our family chat about how to stay positive while being locked together under the same roof.

Me, my husband (Brian) and our soon to be nineteen-year-old son discuss fear, panic and the importance of staying positive in such unsettling times.


(What happens on the podcast stays on the podcast)


In this week’s podcast episode we talked about 

🌟 Social media, news and how it affects you.

🌟 How although you can’t control outside events you can control how you react to them.

🌟 Listening to positive news about the pandemic rather than all of the doom and gloom can keep your spirits high and your immunity strong.

🌟 I promised to include this podcast episode of James Altucher. You can find it here. take a listen and give yourself a break from the bad news.



Listen to the podcast episode here!






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