The great outdoors. Nothing is more adventurous than getting your hiking boots, your backpack and tent, packing up the car and going camping into the woods.

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How To Make The Best Of The Great Outdoors!


The idea of making a campfire and roasting marshmallows on a stick and perhaps even breaking out the guitar, it’s the stuff that makes memories that will last you a lifetime. Nowadays there are plenty of innovations that can make your camping adventure more enjoyable, combining the traditional self-reliance with modern day convenience.

So, if you are a regular camper, a first-timer or someone who hasn’t gone into the wild for a while, here are some handy tips that will make your outdoor adventure so much more enjoyable.

Sure, it’s a romantic idea of lighting your own fire pit, but have you considered a portable fire pit? Lighting one yourself is a bit of an art form but can also pose a serious risk if not done well. A portable fire pit can not only be lit in a fraction of the time, but also reduce the risk of open fire whilst also offering a way to control smoke.

As experienced pit masters will tell you, too much smoke blowing in the wrong direction will ruin any fire pit.


The great outdoors

The great outdoors. is there any better way to live?


Speaking of fire, have you ever considered an innovation that combines a flashlight and a lighter? Flashlight multitools have become quite the staple in the camping market. Get yourself a 400-lumen flashlight that has a windproof electric plasma lighter on the other end.

What about your morning cup of joe? We all love a cup of tea. Sure, boiling water in a kettle over an open fire is the rugged way of doing things, but what if your fire has gone out overnight? A battery powered water boiler can fix that, ensuring you get your caffeine fix in the morning. Combine hot water with a portable immersion-press system. This way you can ditch the freeze-dried instant coffee and get yourself a proper cup of coffee.

And if you simply desire a guaranteed supply of water, consider a trail base filter system. There are plenty of options to choose from, all with excellent filtration capability. It really is a reassurance packing one of these systems to ensure you and your family stay hydrated.

What about power? No one is going to drag around a large battery, there is a more elegant way of ensuring you have juice for your devices: mobile solar panels. Not only are these environmentally friendly, but they are also easy to carry around and ensure you will always have a source of electricity, granted the sun is out.

Discover more about these nifty devices.

Whilst your devices are taking care of, make sure to take care of yourself. We are way beyond simple foam roll-up sleeping pads now. Modern sleeping pads use new material, are durable and comfortable, whilst at the same time ensuring they are portable and light.

And to boot, what about making sure you and your clothes don’t smell an hour in the wind? Modern day convenience has brought us bags that can function as portable washing machines.

So, when you are thinking about your next outdoor adventure, take some time to explore some of the modern innovations. After all, being outdoor should not equal struggling, it should be about taking time to enjoy your surroundings.




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