Two weeks in:

How many days into the world trip? …18 Days


Budget...2500 USD

How much have you spent?…2300 USD (+ 1000USD in Disney Land, but this was a separate budget)

America isn’t cheap. Not on the New Zealand Dollar. And we have been staying with family for the past 18 days. I may have been a tad optimistic with our budget.


The Travel Bog Diaries.

You know how I love my little toilet/office at home. It’s a place where I can go, lock the door and have five minutes to have a think or a cry – depending on how the old hormones are behaving. Then I rub my cheeks so hard giving myself broken veins, take a deep breath and go back to face whatever homeschooling drama we are battling through at the time.

I’ve told you before; I am no longer the homeschooling Mother who can spend her days reading, talking and setting leaves into Borax.

Those days are gone.

Along with listening to my choice of music in the car and being taken seriously. Ever…


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