One of the most challenging nights I ever had to endure while I was travelling the world with my two teenagers was a 15-hour overnight bus journey through India.

It was not that it was boiling hot; that was combatted by sliding the skinny top windows open.

Nor was it the fact that it was horrendously noisy; I have headphones which magically turns the hooting of motorbike horns into soothing upside-down yoga music.

It wasn’t even that there wasn’t a great deal of privacy; the flimsy piece of material that the Indian bus company tried to pass off as curtains could be pegged together at one end – helping to block out most of the light.


The reason that that overnight bus journey was so torturous for my family and I was that we didn’t have our own pillows.


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I love, love, love travelling with my own pillow.

Yes, I know that you can buy those blow-up travel pillows and they deflate small enough to fit in your back pocket, but seriously? Have you ever tried sleeping on one of those travel pillows for more than two nights?

Don’t bother.

It’s like sleeping on a wobbly brick that smells of rubber.

I could sleep astride a camels hump under a cactus if I had my own pillow, and that’s why I am so in love (and you will be too) with the SleepKeeper.



woman on a camel in the desert.Travel essentials


What’s The Sleep Keeper?


SleepKeeper is my latest and favourite travel essential. My new best friend.

The SleepKeeper is a travel pillowcase that rolls around your own pillow and shrinks it to 30% of its original size; so that it comfortably sits on top of your rucksack or pops nicely into your hold all – it even has a handle that you can carry it with.

The pillow of your choice may be made of memory foam like my sons, or of feathers, like my daughters — either way, roll the pillow up into the bag, pull the Velcro straps across and abracadabra!

Your pillow is set to travel the world with you!

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I first discovered this.


If You Travel With Kids Then You Need A SleepKeeper. Seriously.


When my kids were little and we took them on long car journeys, there was no way they could sleep unless they had three things.

1: Teddy.

2: Ten-ton of sweeties.

3: Their pillow.


This was all very well but when you add four pillows to the back of the car along with three suitcases, ten million raincoats for every occasion and the plastic beach cricket set, things tend to get a bit tense.

Fast forward thirteen years and the story is pretty similar.

Only now, the teddies are out (and it’s their phones that they cuddle up to lovingly), the sweeties have morphed into sophisticated chocolate bars, and their pillows?

Nope. Their pillows are still the first thing they grab.

Kids do, and always will need their own pillows to get a good nights sleep.

Enter the SleepKeeper! Four pillows rolled up so discreetly that even my husband no longer complains that he can’t see out of the back window.

What a win.


a woman holding four sleepkeepers

4 SleepKeepers. The perfect way to make travelling a whole lot more comfortable.



If Small Travel Luxuries Make You Happy, You Need A SleepKeeper!


I, for one, will be at the front of the line shouting from the rooftops about this simple, but genius, travel hack.

I love it.

Had I known that it was possible for our family to take our full-size pillows travelling around the world, my life would have been made ten million times more comfortable.

And I would have been spared my husband’s constant groans about his crick neck.

Travelling with your own pillow is a small but utterly blissful luxury. Perhaps it is the familiar and comforting smell of home?  I’m not entirely sure what the science is behind it (and I’m sure there is one) but what I do know is that you when you travel with your own pillow you will sleep like a dream.

That’s a fact.


woman stretching in bed

Sleeping with your own pillow when you travel ensures a good nights sleep.



7 Reasons Why I Will NEVER Travel Without The SleepKeeper Again


1: The plane. Get a window seat, roll your pillow out and bang! You’ll be asleep before the stewed tea and duty-free wheels down the aisle.

2: Trains. See above.

3: Couchsurfing or Housesitting. We do both when we travel. I know that people wash the pillowcases before guests arrive (please god, say that they do) but if you think about it…Or not. No; let’s not.

4: Hygiene. My son loves to quote about how old pillows have a billion mites living in them. Yuck. Get a SleepKeeper and bring your own new pillow. At least then, if you happen to meet a mite it will be your mite and you can chat about your travels.

5: Hotel pillows.  Too hard, too soft, too squashy, to itchy, too fat, too thin. Take a SleepKeeper – you’ll sleep like a baby.

6: Showerproof. Know that your pillow will be dry and snug even if you are caught in a shower.  Waiting for you back at the hotel to nestle down into after a hard day sightseeing.

7: The material. I took my SleepKeeper camping with me in New Zealand. It competed for space with my kids’ electronics in the back of the car and was thrown onto the groundsheet of the tent. The material is 100% nylon; it is soft and silky and is more than sturdy enough for travel.



Sleepkeeper pillow case for travel

The SleepKeeper is 100% nylon and is sturdy (and pretty) enough for world travel!



Car journeys, school camp, travelling on a plane, long bus journeys across Japan, hostels, hotels in Europe. I can think of a thousand places that this wonderful travel essential would make me a very happy traveller.


Just For You!


Now, go and buy a Sleep Keeper and never again complain of getting a bad nights sleep when you travel.


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My daughter – Off on a camping trip with her SleepKeeper!


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One last thing!

Because I was given a SleepKeeper as a gift and I was compensated for writing this post, I have to disclose the fact. Don’t tell the nice lady but I would have told you about the SleepKeeper for free. Still, needs must and you know me. I will never turn down a nice bottle of red wine or two.


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