This week’s podcast is hosted by myself and my husband Brian. 

In thirty short minutes, we try our best to cram a year’s experience of New Zealand living into a helpful guide of how to move to New Zealand (and what you can expect when you get here)should you be thinking of starting a new life and moving to New Zealand from the US or from elsewhere.





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How To Move To New Zealand. The First Year. What to Expect.


Like anywhere in the world, New Zealand has its pros and cons, and while no country is perfect I think New Zealand comes pretty close!

Last year we travelled the world with our kids for a year and all of us agreed that New Zealand is one of the globes unique travel destinations and a hard country to beat.

And contrary to popular belief, the cost of living in New Zealand may pleasantly surprise you.

When we moved out here in 2009 we were expecting the wages to be bad and the bills to be high. Yes, some things are more expensive than the UK or the US, but you will find proportionate saving in other areas so it pretty much evens out…..

After you have listened to our podcast you can click here for a more in-depth post on how to move to New Zealand and what to expect. 


My slightly crazy family. We have now been living in New Zealand for ten years and last year decided to start a family podcast telling all about how we did what we did.


In this episode, we…

🌟 Share the biggest surprises about what we weren’t expecting when we planned on moving to New Zealand

🌟 Discussed what we would do differently next time.

🌟 Asked why the kiwis are so angry on the road??

🌟 Contemplated the one thing that all ex-pats seem to have in common


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The practices we suggested:

Eating Skinny Dipped Almonds if You are Trying To Cut Back on Chocolate!


  • You can find those chocolates here (warning* – the whole family will try to steal them. Hide them well.)


Check out the cost of flights to New Zealand  Here


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