When you set out travelling, you actually set out to see some of the world. There will be times where you get stuck on a plane or can for hours on end just watching the same landscape, or clouds, float by. And where at first everything is so thrilling, after a while fields just look like fields. Seeing the world isn’t just about visiting famous monuments or ticking countries off your list, it’s about experiencing the different cultures, getting involved in local events and celebrations, and taking time to see the place you’re in. So how do you make sure that you actually see the places you’re visiting?




Firstly, look into your accommodation. Don’t choose the highly rated hotel that is the same in each of the fifty countries the company is in. Look for smaller hotels or local B&Bs. Try to be in the town and not just on the fringe – hotels like  Niagara Falls Marriott Fallsview Hotel & Spa show how being close to the action makes you feel involved for your entire stay and not just like you’re popping in for a quick visit. Small towns and villages can be so welcoming and will often give you advice on where is best to stay, or even invite you to stay in their homes, so you don’t even need to plan all the time.


Actually Travel


Travelling isn’t about hopping from place to place taking pictures for the ‘gram. It’s about experiencing the journey and the places you visit. Actually travelling means getting out there. You haven’t been to Africa if you have stayed at your resort the whole time. Get out there on safari, camp in one of their fabulous glamping huts, meet the natives and eat under the stars. Things can seem strange and odd at first, even a little bit terrifying, but that’s purely because it’s out of the ordinary for you, change is scary, but to actually see the world, you have to become involved in every aspect of it.


Not Just Outdoors


Not everything you have it do is outside. Sure, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef and climbing Kilimanjaro aren’t things you can do for indoors, but there are so many things that are. Museums and galleries depict the history and lives of the millions of cultures around the globe. See some Opera in Vienna, or a show on Broadway, stay for days within a glass igloo in Finland and wait for the Northern Lights to pass by. So many places on earth pass their stories and tales to each other through word of mouth – even the western world still does it with the retelling of myths and legends on TV. Experience everything, not just the outdoor pursuits.


Make A Plan


You don’t need to plan each step of your journey so meticulously that there is no room for dividing, but have a rough idea of where you want to go and what you want to see. The likelihood is that you will see a hundred things not on the list and only a handful that are – but it gives you a direction to go in and a vague path to follow. Your plan might just be ‘spend two weeks in Colombia before heading to Thailand’ leaving everything in between up in the air and up for interpretation.

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