We have been on our backpacking trip around the world for two months. We started with America and then flew to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has been amazing. Absolutely stunning. I wrote a post on what surprised me about Sri Lanka here. I’d say one of the highlights of the country is the many beautiful train journeys.

Now. You know me. I’m not one to moan, and I strive to remain positive.

I take copious amounts of hormone therapy and wine to aid this, and although travelling the world may seem lovely and romantic, sometimes the reality is a tad different.

I wasn’t going to tell you this. I said, “No Liz. That’s disgusting. It’s not the sort of thing you want your kids to read”. But I’m sorry. Someone’s going to have to hear about it.

And mummy needs to write in her travel diary.

So here it is. My Travel Bog Diary #3. Apologies to the kids in advance…

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