Welcome back to the first podcast first of 2021. Broadcasting from our back garden in New Zealand (’cause it’s so blimin’ hot inside!) 

Podcasting From New Zealand



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I’m not going to lie. Creating a podcast episode every week isn’t easy. Maybe if we had a team of guys sorting out this and that it’d be different, but we don’t. It’s just me and Bri. A husband and wife, living in New Zealand.

Every week we chew the fat on life (usually about travel, and New Zealand) and then we share it with the world.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

But keeping motivated and trying and come up with new ideas can be a bit of a challenge.

Bloody hell. Half the time I can only just about manage to decide what to have for tea. It would be far easier to put the telly on and watch another re-run of Downtown.

But then I remembered something…


If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It


And they don’t.

Make podcasts I mean. Which means there are more ears in the world to go around. That was the motivation I needed to continue number 1.

And then, as I was sitting at my desk, trying to decide whether or not to record a “I quit” episode, my computer pinged. And as if by magic, the motivation to continue number 2 popped into my inbox.

Two beautiful emails from listeners of the show. I read them out on this week’s podcast episode. To let you see how lucky we are.

So here it is. The first of fifty-two episodes. Let’s make 2021 a fabulous year and remind ourselves that often the best things in life take work. That’s what makes them so bloody good!

As always, thanks so much for being there, we love and appreciate your feedback.

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