The education system in New Zealand receives an unfair amount of flack.

When we were planning on moving to New Zealand twelve years ago, the school system was one of the things that people always brought up.

“Ohhh… you know schools aren’t that good over there don’t you?”  said the people who had never crossed the Atlantic in their lives. “And apparently, you can’t get decent bacon”.

You know my thoughts on this. Tosh. That’s what.

I’ve had plenty of decent bacon butties in New Zealand.


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New Zealand Education System


I’m not an expert in the New Zealand school system field. 

I homeschooled both of my kids from the ages of 10 and 7.  Not because I was unhappy with the New Zealand schools but because thankfully, New Zealand is an openminded forward-thinking country that encourages freedom of choice when it comes to education.

And mine was to homeschool.


New Zealand Education System Compared to The US


So I found me an expert instead. Someone who would chat to me on the podcast and tell me everything there is to know about schools on both sides of the world.

The lovely Tara, from KiwiAmerican (check out her YouTube Channel below) is an American who now moved to New Zealand from the US four years ago.

She has four kids who have all experienced the US education system and are now at school in New Zealand.

Tara also works as a university lecturer in Wellington so this gal knows her stuff when it comes to the school system in New Zealand and how it compares.

If you are thinking of making that big move and planning on living in New Zealand with kids  (but are concerned that they might end up with turnips as brains) then this is the episode for you.

We hope you enjoyed the show and as always, thanks so much for being there, we love and appreciate your feedback.


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American Family smiling in New Zealand

Tara and her brood! All the way from the US to New Zealand! Kiwiamericans!


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