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Looking for tips, ideas and advice to help plan your next travel adventure? The best sites to book flights, trains and accommodation? Cheap, but stunning restaurants and activities that the whole family can enjoy?

Need to know what to pack and what to leave behind? (No. That doesn’t include the kids!)

Then you’ve come to the right place!

We have worked and travelled around the world for nearly thirty years together. Fifteen years as a couple and fifteen years as a family. Because of this, we consider ourselves to be something of experts on travel.

We have spent hours and hours, no, actually weeks and weeks! Scouring the internet, so you don’t have to. Finding reliable and helpful travel tips that you are going to find super useful. Remember, these are the items that we personally use. You may find that you would rather not travel with a Kindle, your family may prefer to buy paperbacks as you go. If on the other hand, you are like us, and plan on taking a drone (Brian and his love for technology-what can I say?) to capture all of those amazing photographs on your adventures, then please know, the one we recommend is the one that Brian has spent DAYS researching so that you don’t have to!

We will never recommend things that we haven’t personally tried and tested for ourselves. That’s a promise. And if you want to know more about a certain product before you go and spend your hard earned cash on it, drop us a question either through social media or email and we’ll chat to you about whatever it is you’re about to buy. If it’s anything techy, ask for Brian or Sonny! Let us help you. Life is too short to spend wading through masses of information on the internet.

Have a look at these posts we have written to help you with everything you need to travel the world!

Enjoy your next adventure!

How Travel Changes Your Perspective. For The Better!

f you are thinking of travelling, be it around the world or on a two-week holiday, then know that not only will you need to make room in your case for a change of clothes, you will also need to make way for a new set of views. Travel changes your...

The Day Mummy’s Post Went Viral. The Travel Bog Diaries.

iral. I'm not sure about the term viral. I think it's a new-fangled internet thingy. The only viral I've witnessed these past few months is when Brian's ears blocked up and he annoyingly insisted on cupping his hand over the side of his face when I...

Florence off The Beaten Track. The Perfect City View.

f you've never been to Florence then you are in for a treat. Florence (Firenze) is the capital city of the region of Tuscany. It holds in its arms many masterpieces of both architecture and Renaissance art, along with world-class restaurants and...

Couchsurfing Review. What it is And What it Isn’t.

efore my husband and I set off to travel the world with our two kids aged 16 and 13, I had never heard about Couchsurfing. I certainly didn't think it would be something that a family could be part of. However, six months, four countries and 27...

What to Eat In Japan When You Can’t Face Anymore Noodles

[dropcapJ[/dropcap]apan has some of the best food in the world. Eating, along with many other everyday Japanese life rituals is one of the things that makes this beautiful country as exciting and as intriguing as it is. But you may be wondering what to eat in Japan...

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