What is the best drone for travel? Do you even need a drone? I was reluctant to spend money on a drone; I won’t lie. I am a point and shoot kind of gal and having only just familiarised myself with the features of the iPhone,  I wasn’t convinced that we were going to need a drone to take on our travels around the world.

My husband, Brian, on the other hand, is a huge gadget fan -as is my 16-year-old son who will be travelling around the world with us too.

On this occasion, I gave in, and I am so glad that I did.

Every traveller knows the importance of taking superb photographs. But we are going one step further. We will be documenting our journey not just through photos on this blog, but by a video diary. A vlog. Apparently, they are the new best thing, so there you go. I’m in the right line for a change.

Before you watch this travel blog drone video in action, let me give you a run down on the little fella.

Surprisingly, Brian didn’t go for the more expensive drone. He did tons of research so that you don’t have to. If you are thinking of travelling, whether those travels take you across the other side of the world like us, or just to a caravan in the farmer’s field for the summer holidays, you are going to need photos. Here is why you need to splurge on a drone. But firstly, let’s  get any negatives out of the way. There are only two that I can think of.

Are there any reasons for the DJI Spark not to be the best drone for travel?


The only reason I can think of for not buying a DJI Spark Drone for travel is the cost. Although they are under $700, it is still an extra expense. Especially if you are on a budget like us. However -and this is a big one, you are only ever going to have these experiences once in your life. The kids will only ever be this age once. That farmer’s field may be ploughed over when you return next year. Weighing it all up, it is so worth the money. There are too many pros for the DJI Spark.

The Spark’s more expensive brother is the DJI Mavic Pro. This drone shoots up to 4K video, whereas the Spark shoots at 1080. If you are like me and this kind of talk makes you glaze over, it comes down to quality. The higher the pixel count the clearer the video. However, and this is a big one too, the quality of the DJI Sparks videos is superb. Some of the best we have had. Also, don’t forget. The DJI Spark is a drone for travel. The higher the resolution, the bigger the file to upload. If you travel to places where the internet is not great, then you are going to become frustrated very quickly. But. If you are willing to live with travel frustration while you upload your latest vlog, you can check them out by clicking on the image.

Ok, that’s the negatives. Now here are the reasons why we think if you are looking to buy a drone for travel, you will love your DJI Spark as much as we do. This post contains affiliate links. They cost you nothing extra but we make a small commission.

7 Reasons Why The DJI Spark is The Best Drone for Travel.

1: The DJI Spark is classed as a selfie drone. I am travelling with two teenagers. What’s a day without a million selfies?  Yes, I know there are selfie sticks, but who is going to want to carry one of those around for the day? New Zealand isn’t too bad for stopping people and asking if they will take a photo of the family. But get to somewhere like India or China – or even the farmer’s field when there are only cows to ask – and you may feel reluctant to hand your camera over to a stranger. The DJI Sparkhovers beautifully in front of your faces and never fails to take the perfect selfie.

2: The Ariel shots for vlogging are just out of this world. Watch the very first vlog Sonny, and I did with the DJI Spark, and you will see what I mean. I can’t wait to stand somewhere really remote and take an ariel shot. You could never capture such footage without a drone. There is also a tracking device on the DJI Spark so that even if you turn and walk in another direction, it will stay focused on you.

A travel drone that takes selfies.

The DJI Spark stays focused on your face making it the perfect selfie camera! No more asking strangers in the street!

3: The ease of flying. Honestly. I don’t like toys or playing games and I can’t even fly a kite. But I can operate the DJI Spark like a pro. It’s perfect for beginners. The drone has obstacle avoidance meaning if there is a tree in the way it will fly around it. Or someone’s head. I even trust my teenagers to fly it which is a big bonus. I can’t stand it when you buy something, and you’re terrified of letting the kids near it for fear of them breaking something. It also has a cool feature called auto positioning. If you drop the controls or take your hand off them for a minute, it won’t go zooming off toward the horizon. It will stay where it is due to auto levelling via GPS. You don’t even need a separate remote to control it. You can use your phone.

4: Another feature is the return to home within a metre. If you happened to lose contact, at least you can just call it back. Like a dog but without the vet bills.

A travel drone DJI Spark.

Many features make this the best drone for travel, including the return to home within a metre feature.

5: It is robust. We have had a couple of drones in the past, and they have both been quite fragile. The DJI Spark is solid and sturdy, making it the perfect drone for travel. We just wrap ours in our clothes and pop it into the middle of our pack.

6: The Spark is small and light. It’s as tall as an iPhone and about as wide as a pair of sunglasses. The propellors fold in two, and it will take off from the palm of your hand. Do be careful here though and don’t so what I did. I held out my hand waiting for it to take off and when it started to whir and lift I freaked out and threw it on the floor. I know. I told you. I’m strange. Luckily, because the DJI Spark is as a robust as I testified, no harm was done. It just gave my son a story to put on Snap- Chat.

the best drone for travel is the DJI Spark

The DJI Spark is tiny. The size of an iPhone making it the perfect drone for travel

7: The battery is light. We take two with us, and still, it’s not heavy. Another plus for the Spark being the best drone for travel. Weight is everything. It flys up to 30km an hour in sports mode. If speed is your thing, then you won’t be disappointed. Remember, I have a 16-year-old son. It impresses him. Need I say more?

A Travel drone. The DJI Spark

The fact that I trust my teenager with the Spark is a good sign that it’s worth the money. Sturdy, small, fast and easy to use.

Writing a Travel Blog and Need a Drone to Take an Amazing Video?

We understand that when you are making such a big purchase, you want an honest opinion. We would never recommend anything to you unless we were entirely in love with it ourselves. If there is anything I haven’t covered, send me a message, and I will do my best to answer it for you. If you would like to purchase the DJI Spark

Click here to check out the latest deals. And I look forward to you sharing your photos and videos with us.

Take a Look at The Drone in Action! This is Our First Travel Blog Video:


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