Who doesn’t love a bargain?  But the trouble with bargains is they usually came at a cost. There always seems to be a catch. That’s why you are going to love me for this blog post on where to stay in Sri Lanka.

I have for you the ultimate find that holds no catch, only pleasure – and we all love a bit of that now don’t we?

Before we start, I must tell you that I was compensated to write this post by Sri Lanka Villas. I’ll also tell you something else (don’t tell the company). I would have told you about this gem for free –  one thing I love is sharing a bargain with you, especially ones that involve kids,  so to get paid for it was like a double bonus. Hurray!

Ok then. Sri Lanka.


sunsetting on the beach in Sri Lanka

My love affair with Sri Lanka is no secret. When you visit yourself you will fall in love too!



Regular readers of this blog will know about my love affair with Sri Lanka.

We travelled there as a family (my kids were 16 and 13) and toured this stunning island for a month in January.

We lounged around on the palm-fringed beaches of Mirissa, visited tea plantations in Ella and generally, experienced what I can only describe as paradise on earth.

I thought the kids would be bored, but no, far from it.

It seems that the Sri Lankan way of life is very contagious.  Both of my children went from needing to be entertained constantly, to chilling out. They enjoyed making videos of everything they saw, laughing with the unbelievably friendly locals, listening for the frogs late at night calling to each other from the jungle and were intrigued by the fireflies.

These fairytale sparkles that light your way home on a dark balmy evening, were, amongst other things, one of the most surprising things that we didn’t expect from Sri Lanka. It’s something that the guide books and blogs don’t tell you about – the magical, twinkling fireflies. They have to be seen to be believed – if you want are thinking of taking young kids to Sri Lanka it would be worth it just for this experience!

Sri Lanka is breathtaking; it is right up there on my list of top destinations in the world to visit. There are sprawling national parks to visit, water sports to try out, and scenic train rides to enjoy.

But what about accommodation? Where is there to stay in Sri Lanka if you don’t want to rough it and don’t fancy staying in a hotel or resort with hundreds of other guests?


View over the hills and countryside of Sri Lanka

Make sure you visit the countryside when you are in Sri Lanka. This is the view from the train going from Kandy to Ella


Where To Stay in Sri Lanka When You Need A Bit Of Pampering.


You know how antisocial I am, right?

I love my own space and a country like Sri Lanka, which can only be described as idyllic, shouldn’t be shared with lots of other tourists scrambling for the best waterfront sunbed at the beach.

It just shouldn’t.

So here’s the little secret I promised to share with you.

While we were staying in Mirissa on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, a friend of mine was there getting married.

She told me about the villa that her family of 12 had hired out to hang out in together while the celebrations took place.

She invited us over for a drink, and I was able to take a good close look at the place that, when my next family gathering takes place, I will be booking for sure.



pool overlooking the garden in Sri lanka

If ever there was a perfect place to stay in Sri Lanka, this is it.



Sri Lanka Villas


I never thought about hiring a villa for a holiday in Sri Lanka. It hadn’t crossed my mind because I thought the expense would be too much.

But I was wrong.

The villa that I want to share with you was called Elysium Villas, and it was, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful villas in Sri Lanka I have ever seen.

I kid you not; this place was like a million dollar retreat. And I know how much you love a little bit of luxury.


Who Are Villa Finder?


Villa Finder has around 160 villas dotted throughout the most beautiful areas of Sri Lanka.

After doing some research on the company, I discovered that their villas range in size and price, but one thing remained consistent – the quality, the service and the locations.

I am not in the practice of recommending things to people unless I have seen them for myself,  but after serious investigation and talking with other friends, I would be happy to recommend any one of these villas to you.

You are going to love them.


Elysium Villa In Galle, Sri Lanka


Woman with her back to the camera looking at the street in Galle, Sri Lanka

We loved our time in Galle, it is filled with little boutiques and friendly restaurants.


The Elysium Villa is nestled amongst lavish tropical gardens along the shores of Mihiripenna Beach which is situated close to the historical city of Galle.

If you have never been to Galle, I urge you to. It is very colonial and quite unlike anything you would expect from Sri Lanka. It feels very European, with narrow streets, charming little boutiques and restaurants run by friendly Sri Lankan locals.

(As a side note, the best ice cream we ever experienced in Sri Lanka was at the little ice cream shop in the centre of town).


Why The Elysium Villa Is Perfect For Families


My friends’ group consisted of three extended families, all with teenage kids, and this place had the ideal set up for them.

Located right on the beach, there is also plenty of room around the pristine pool, and for those kids who need to be doing things, there is a billiards table and a multi-purpose gym and as well as all the high tech facilities any teenager would ever need.

And they need a lot let’s face it.

For those families with little kids, there is a private babysitter on hand for a small extra cost.



Billiards table and games room in Sri lanka villa

There is more than enough space for kids and the teenagers will love the billiards table!



Teenage boy in Sri lanka

My teenage boy loved Sri Lanka and your kids will too!


Why These Sri Lanka Villas Are Perfect For A Romantic Vacation


We all like a  wee bit of romance don’t we? And the Elysium villa sets the scene for such with its sheer sophistication.

Outdoor tropical rain showers, sun loungers with warm orange umbrellas and daybeds inviting you to come and relax underneath the golden sunshine of Sri Lanka.

It is bliss.

Guests will find plush king-sized beds in the bedrooms decorated in calming neutral colours and lavish interiors. Four poster beds draped with sheer mosquito nets, soft lighting and crisp white sheets, all make up the luxurious experience.


Bedroom in a Sri Lanka villa

The rooms are decorated beautifully with lots of neutral colours and space.


It is the perfect place to rejuvenate, relax and remember what life is all about.

Each villa comes with its own set of staff including your private personal chef, a butler (really! It’s true!) spa therapists, personal trainers – the list goes on.

There is nothing that the staff at Villa Finder can’t arrange for you. Fancy a candlelit dinner by the ocean? Let the chef and his team make your wish come true. Want to take breakfast with the wild peacocks in the tropical gardens? Consider it done.


Table laid fro breakfast in the lush gardens of Sri lanka villa

If you fancy taking your morning coffee in the lush tropical gardens of your villa then your private staff will arrange it for you.



And The Cost? Beachfront Private Villas, Personal Staff? How Can We Afford Such Luxury?


I know what you’re thinking, but wait – here’s the best part. This is what took me by surprise.

The cost.

Each villa ranges in price, meaning that even those on a modest budget can afford to experience these villas.

I’m always telling you that there are multiple ways to afford travel, and this is one of them.

For extended family get-togethers, honeymoons or weddings, these beautiful Sri Lankan villas are the perfect answer to anyone looking for sheer luxury on a budget.

The Price is per villa, not per person.

Each villa has several rooms meaning that you can easily split the cost between your group. If a five-bedroom villa is  $1500 (and that is the top end- some of the villas start at $130 a night) and there are ten of you – that’s less than the cost of a city hotel room.

I paid that much for the airport hotel in Auckland and I know where I would rather stay.


sitting area of a villa in Sri lanka

The Villa Finder will capture your hearts.


My Final Words On Where To Stay In Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is one of the only places I have ever visited in the world (and last year we visited 32 countries) where everything was perfect.

The food, the weather, the beaches. But most of all, the people.

The people are what make this gorgeous country what it is and the staff at Villa Finder will welcome you with open arms and hearts making your stay at your own private villa on this beautiful island, extra memorable.

If you are looking to plan a wedding, a honeymoon, or, if you want to get a group of families together for a reunion and are looking for where to stay in Sri Lanka, I cannot think of any better place to spend a vacation than in one of these stunning, classy, private, luxurious villas.

But, if you do, will you message me so that I can come over for a drink?




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