We have been homeschooling our kids for the past eight years.

We started when my son was ten, and my daughter was seven. I have spent many of those years searching for the best online homeschool programs. Anything to make homeschooling as stress-free as possible.

Homeschooling little kids is easy.

You create a homeschooling schedule that covers the basics and indulge in interesting projects on any subject you like, making learning all about fun.

But homeschooling teenagers? Hmm. That’s a different story.


****March 2020 Update***

I just learned that due to recent school closures Study.com is offering free resources to students and teachers. Click here to find out more.



Homeschooling Teenagers


Once your kids get to high school age you can’t help but start to panic.

Words like Algebra and trigonometry are thrown around, and you are supposed to know the difference between a compound adjective and a noun.

Not to mention that you still have to do the laundry, make dinner and sometimes juggle homeschooling and working full time.

It can suddenly all seem very overwhelming.


It’s about this time that homeschooling parents start scouring the internet for some help.

While there are many, many courses out there with endless resources, you want to know that the programme you sign up for will benefit your kids and, more importantly, they will enjoy it.

As you can imagine, with two teenagers who study at home we have tried our fair share of online resources.

We have paid hundreds of dollars to study aids, all of which have promised to teach my kids everything they need to know in order to say that they are successful homeschoolers.

Only to find that two months down the line the lessons were boring and my kids dreaded turning on the computer.

And then last year we found that perfect course.


One of The Best Online Homeschool Programs Out There.




Study.com is one of the answers to any high school homeschooled students dreams  (well, certainly their parents dream anyway!)

It is an online education hub that teaches you everything you would learn in school, and much, much more. Your kids can even earn college credits which they can transfer to over 1500 colleges throughout the US.

But here’s the best part for us homeschooling families. Study.com have their own dedicated online homeschool program. 

This tailored homeschool resource page is aimed exclusively at homeschool families and contains a curriculum package that fulfils every homeschool families needs. 


Here Are A Few Reasons Why Homeschoolers Will Love The Programme!


Homeschooling with Study.com: 

  • Is flexible and practical – the new Family Plan offers connected parent and child accounts 
  • Allows students to achieve dual credit 
  • Gives students the opportunity to learn non-traditional subjects like marketing or criminology 
  • Offers useful supplementary information such as state-specific homeschooling laws 


There is also a useful FAQ for families new to homeschooling, based upon the experiences of the many people who have had to pick their way carefully through this confusing and often daunting process. 


What do you think? Have I convinced you?!


With over 25,000 video lessons (yes, you read that right!) and other resources, you are guaranteed to find what you need to study.

To put the icing on the cake, Study.com includes comprehensive study guides and practice tests to help students prepare for CLEP and DSST exams, earn credits, and save money on their college education.

I was so excited when I discovered this online gem a few months ago and really, I have never looked back and know you won’t either.


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Why Do You Love Study.com So Much?


All kids learn very differently.

My daughter is a visual learner. Give her a page of information to read and her eyes glaze over but put her in front of a video and she will get it instantly.

Study.com lets you choose by either your education level or your subject, and there are thousands of videos for each lesson making learning heaps more interesting.

Anyone with a fourteen-year-old will understand when I say that this age group do not want to be treated like kids. According to them, they are almost ready to collect their pensions.

The trouble with most homeschool resources online is that they are either: too babyish (which is a shame because they often get straight to the point without complicating things) or, they drown kids with far too much information and bore them with too many in-depth explanations – leaving kids uninterested and desperate to switch off.

Study.com obviously knows their audience and have somehow come up with an ingenious way of teaching kids without neither boring or patronizing them.

That is why I love study.com. Whoever did their course needs a pat on the back. To get my fourteen-year-old to learn and enjoy is no mean feat.


The best online homeschool programs



The College Years. Preparing  For CLEP and DSST Exams.


It is one of the most commonly asked questions that we get asked as high school home educators: “what about college?”

By using the Study.com programme students are able to prepare for CLEP and DSST exams, earn the credits that they need, and, even better,  save money on their college education.

The beauty of online learning is that students get to learn at their own pace in their own time, meaning that, if you have a job you can continue to work while studying. Not only do you get to keep earning money at your job, but you also save money on college fees!  What is there NOT to love?!


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What Age Can My Kids Start To Use Study.com?


Study.com starts at middle school and goes right through to college.

Even if you don’t homeschool, (perhaps you are an adult looking for a way to further your education through college) it’s easy!

Prepare for your CLEP and DSST exams with study.com, and earn credits.

And conveniently, everything is in one place.

Anyone who homeschools will tell you that a big chunk of time is always spent researching topics. Getting the answers to something you may not understand. With study.com it is all there for you. Every subject that you wish to learn is right there for you.

If your teenagers are asking to homeschool and you are having heart palpitations at the very thought of it, fear not. Study.com is the programme that you need.




Plans start at $36 a month which, believe me, is an absolute bargain. If you want to spend an extra few dollars a month you will also get personalised coaching and access to instructors.

Remember, study.com is all there under one roof.

No more inconsistency.

No more searching Youtube for a better explanation. Try it; you will never leave, I promise.



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****March 2020 Update***

I just learned that due to recent school closures Study.com is offering free resources to students and teachers. Click here to find out more.


I love doing reviews like this because (and don’t tell study.com this) I would have told you about this fabulous find anyway – for free!

I have worked hard at homeschooling for eight years and if I can save you a few years of groundwork then I am happy to do so. To finally find an online course that ticks every single box that my kids need, makes me want to shout from the rooftops about it!

If you have any questions that you would like to ask me about study.com feel free. Drop a comment below and I’ll try to answer anything you are unsure of. Until then, happy learning!



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