Looking for the best books to add laughter and excitement to your women’s book club?

Look no further!

As the summer breeze carries the scent of adventure, it’s the perfect time to gather with your book club friends and dive into side-splitting stories.


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4 Laugh-Out-Loud Books For Your Womens Book Clubs


In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of the funniest and most entertaining books to spice up your book club discussions in 2023.

From laugh-out-loud novels to witty memoirs and books about travel, these picks are guaranteed to keep you entertained and create unforgettable moments during your book club meetings.

Get ready to discover the best book club books that will have everyone in stitches!


“Bridget Jones’s Diary” by Helen Fielding:




“Bridget Jones’s Diary” introduces us to the endearing and slightly clumsy Bridget Jones, a thirty-something single woman navigating the ups and downs of life, love, and self-discovery.

Set in London, Helen Fielding’s iconic novel follows Bridget’s humorous attempts to find Mr Right while battling her weight, obsessing over her calorie intake, and dealing with a colourful cast of characters.

Through her diary entries filled with witty observations and hilarious mishaps, Bridget’s relatable journey reminds us that finding love and embracing imperfections is a hilarious and heartwarming adventure.

Check out Bridget Jones’s Diary Here!


“The Secret Life of an Uncool Mum” by Serena Terry:


In “The Secret Life of an Uncool Mum,” Serena Terry invites readers into the hilarious and relatable world of motherhood.

Follow Lucy, a mom who strives to maintain her coolness amidst the chaos of family life but often finds herself in comically uncool situations.

From navigating school events to managing the ups and downs of parenting, Terry’s witty and authentic storytelling will have you and your book club pals nodding in agreement and bursting with laughter at the unpredictable journey of modern motherhood.


Check Out The Secret Life Of An Uncool Mum Here



“How to Be a Woman” by Caitlin Moran:



In “How to Be a Woman,” Caitlin Moran fearlessly tackles the trials and triumphs of womanhood with her trademark wit and irreverence.

Moran discusses a wide range of topics, from puberty and sexuality to body image and feminism, all infused with hilarious anecdotes from her own life.

With a refreshingly candid and humorous approach, she challenges societal norms and invites readers to embrace their individuality and navigate the complexities of womanhood with laughter and self-acceptance.

“How to Be a Woman” is an empowering and side-splitting read that celebrates the diversity and resilience of women everywhere.


Check Out How to Be a Woman HERE


“Bossypants” by Tina Fey:


In “Bossypants,” the talented comedian and actress Tina Fey takes readers on a delightful and witty journey through her life and career.

With her signature self-deprecating humour, Fey shares hilarious anecdotes and insightful observations about being a woman in the entertainment industry.

From her childhood dreams to her experiences at “Saturday Night Live” and beyond, Fey’s candid and lighthearted storytelling will have you laughing out loud while gaining a fresh perspective on success, motherhood, and the power of embracing your quirks.

Check Out Bossy Pants HERE



“The Travel Bog Diaries” by Liz Deacle:




If you’re craving laughter and wanderlust simultaneously, The Travel Bog Diaries is the perfect pick! 

Meet Liz. British. Forty-eight-years young. Mother of two teenage kids and wife of Brian.

Faced with midlife & realising that unless she gets her skates on, she’ll never get to live out her fantasy of travelling the world with her family (and be like that woman from Eat, Pray Love), Liz plans a year-long globetrotting trip.

Annoyingly, things don’t quite go as expected.

This is probably because Liz is slightly deluded & chooses to ignore the fact that her husband has acid reflux & can’t eat anything foreign, and her teenage children would rather scroll funny Snapchat videos than look at old things in Europe.

It soon becomes clear that family world travel is nothing like they say it is on Instagram.

Armed with humour, optimism, & three pairs of comfy high-waisted travel knickers, Liz sets off around the world to make memories with her family.

At whatever cost.

From an itchy ill-fated yoga class in India, ancient ruin humiliation in Italy, to getting sloshed at a charity festival in rural England, Liz’s endless mishaps and hysterical far-flung flops make for an unforgettable experience that no family ever forget.

Even if they wanted to…

This hilariously funny pee-your-pants, laugh-out-loud memoir will have you and your book club changing your life and racing to book your next adventure.

From hilarious encounters with quirky locals to navigating the pitfalls of family travel, Deacle’s witty observations and self-deprecating humour will transport you and your book club to destinations around the world while keeping you thoroughly entertained.

Prepare to laugh, cry & curl your toes while discovering that no matter how big the failure, family, love, and laughter will always save the day. 


Check out The Travel Bog Diaries Here!




Enjoy Your Perfect Women’s Book Club Books


As you plan your book club meetings for 2024, these five uproariously funny books will infuse your gatherings with laughter, lively discussions, and shared experiences.

From Bridget Jones’s comical escapades to Liz Deacle’s humorous take on travelling the globe while writing her Travel Bog Diaries, these books will spark spirited conversations and create lasting memories.

Prepare for laughter-filled discussions about love, life, feminism, and the joys of travel as you explore the witty storytelling of these talented authors.

Get ready to laugh out loud and celebrate the power of laughter within your book club community.

Happy reading and happy book clubbing!


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