Moving to New Zealand is a BIG scary decision and no matter how much stuff you research on the internet, your fears will never be totally soothed.

Not until you arrive on kiwi soil, learn a bit of New Zealand slang and start getting on with your life.

In this week’s podcast episode Brian and I discuss what we worried about most about leaving the UK to live in New Zealand (& reveal whether those fears were justified).


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Moving To New Zealand From The UK


Looking back, the fears that I had about leaving Bath in the UK to come and start a new life down under in New Zealand seem a bit silly.

I mean come on…Brian running off with a bunch of cricketers at a BBQ??

I’d be so lucky.

But in reality, I spent many a sleepless night worrying about certain things that I was convinced was going to make living in New Zealand totally and utterly miserable.

It’s only looking on the bright side that keeps me going…


7 Common Fears about Life in New Zealand  (& Whether or Not  They Came True)

This week we talk about :

  • Gangs
  • Never seeing family again
  • Male chauvinists
  • Failure
  • Things being a bit backwards
  • Not being welcomed
  • Money


We hope you enjoyed the show and as always, thanks so much for being there, we love and appreciate your feedback.

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