This week’s podcast is hosted by Liz and Sonny (first one of the year!) and is an up close and personal episode looking a what happened in our lives last year that left us feeling grateful (and being able to discuss the reasons why we are grateful).


I think everyone should take stock (each day if possible) and take a look at what the things they have to be grateful for.

Otherwise, you could turn into a moaning Minnie.

And no one likes those.

Teenagers are always getting a rough time about how privileged and ungrateful they are, so we thought it would be fun to discuss exactly what (if anything) this eighteen-year-old boy (sorry Sonny, young man) and his mother feels grateful for.






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Things That Leave You Feeling Grateful.


I loved doing this show. 

I wasn’t prepared at all for what my son was feeling grateful for and so got a little teary at one point in the podcast.

What can I say? I’m a hormonal mother…

I wrote a list of things to be grateful for that you can read alongside this podcast if you are struggling for small things to be thankful for.

mother and son doing a family travel podcast


In this episode, we…

🌟 Share why it’s important for other teenagers to remember that having loads of friends isn’t always important

🌟 Liz publically displays her thanks (and gratefulness) to a certain man.

🌟 Compare our feelings of gratefulness and decide whether age makes a difference in our choice.

🌟 Contemplate five important things that happened to each of us in 2010 and how it affected us.


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