A Note of thanks and to ask you for one more thing.

This is a little note to all of you lovely followers who clicked the follow button on my WordPress site.

Firstly, thank you!

Secondly, I have some very exciting changes about to happen in my life. I haven’t announced this to the world yet, this is just between you and me so keep it under your hats until next week.

Brian and I (but mainly I, admittedly…) are having a mid-life crisis. YAY! Gulp.

The call for adventure is too much. The kids are getting older and older, taller and taller and hungrier and hungrier in front of our eyes. We reached a point in our lives at the beginning of this year, where we sat- with a large glass of red wine, and decided to assess our situation.

We had always said that we would travel the entire world with the kids one day. When they were little, we would sit (up to our eyes in mortgages and debt) and dream of how one day, we would walk along the Great Wall of China with them, watch the sunset over the Acropolis or ride camels through a desert. (Of course, there would be no wifi in this perfect ideal, and so the mummy is as happy as can be).

Sonny turned 16 this year, Tessa 13. They are going to be gone soon.

“No honestly Sonny… I insist. You’re 38. Go.”

And yes, we have had an incredibly fulfilling life over the last 10 years. We emigrated to New Zealand, built our own house, started two businesses and are homeschooling both teenagers.


It has certainly been an adventure! Homeschooling, emigrating, building a house and travelling New Zealand.


It’s not riding a camel across the desert, is it?

I’m not going to go into the ins and outs of what we have had to do regarding finances, schooling and the fact that we are going to be unemployed in a couple of weeks- that’s going to be in the next post. And that’s why I’m writing to you!

I have been a busy little bee building a new website in order to be able to document all of our coming adventures. Believe me. There’ll be a few. And I really want you all to be able to come on this journey with me.

If you pop onto the site now and SUBSCRIBE to It’s a Drama by EMAIL, you will continue to receive the email updates when I publish a new post on my brand new (all singing and dancing) website. Plus, you will receive all of my private weekly newsletters.

If you don’t, you will still be able to read the posts but only from your ‘reader’. And I’ll be sad.

I hope I’ve made sense and haven’t just confused the hell out of you all. Just please Sign up with email and we can be besties forever.

And you can see what a hormonal woman chasing a hormonal teenager across a desert on a camel looks like.

Thank you again for all of your support, and I do hope I see your email in my subscribe box!

Love and best, Liz x


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