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We are a Liz and Tessa, a mother and daughter team who share a passion for beautiful, stylish and unique things.

We are both very much into comfort and about keeping it real.

You can be assured that if it isn’t  practical as well as gorgeous it didn’t make it into the clothing collection! We hope you love the products that we have chosen as much as we do!

Liz & Tess X


Bohemian Harem Pants

When we traveled to Thailand, we fell in love with their beautiful bohemian harem pants. A word of warning though…once you start wearing them you won’t stop!

We selected a few of our favourites that we know you will love too.

Beauty Products

We are currently in the process of bringing you lots of beauty products that we sourced from around the world.

Please check back on the site soon!

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Browse our most popular collections of bohemian harem pants. 

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A Message From Liz

There is a lot of pressure in the world today to look perfect, but I think we should all blow a big raspberry to that. We are all beautiful the way we are. Embrace your sense of style and individuality. And always be you. 

Because WE LOVE YOU …

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India. Is it as scary as everyone says it is? PODCAST # 010

India. Is it as scary as everyone says it is? PODCAST # 010

After spending seven weeks backpacking around India with my kids (teenagers age 16 and 13) I thought we should do a podcast on the country (and put to bed the silly myths that surround visiting India).
When I told people that we were planning a trip to India the response was…let’s say colourful.

Some (mostly those who were born before the 1960s and had spent their youth discovering Asia on a couple of quid) encouraged us: ‘you’ll love it’ they said and went on to talk about the beautiful Indian beaches or the temples in Hampi.

But others weren’t so encouraging.

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