Greece? For a Month? How Much Does THAT Cost?

Greece? For a Month? How Much Does THAT Cost?

Would I be wrong in guessing that at some time in your life you’ve dreamed of spending a few glorious weeks in Greece with your family? An idyllic Greek Island vacation.

Have you spent time (sometimes hours) drooling at pictures on the internet of golden sand beaches and flat-roofed white houses that can only be found on an island in Greece somewhere in the middle of the Agean Sea?

You and me both.

I can’t tell you how many times I have typed into Goggle ‘what does it cost to spend a month on the Greek Island of Paros’, only to be forced towards twenty million ads that never give me a straightforward answer.

Octopus drying on a fishing boat in Greece. The perfect picture of a Greek vacation!

A familiar sight on the islands of Greece…Octopus drying in the sun, ready to be cooked for dinner.


Taking a Greek Island Vacation

As it happens, I am currently on holiday in Greece. I’m here with my husband and two young adult kids (notice how I called them ‘young adults”? I have to do that. It’s the law in our house. They don’t talk to me for a week if they find out I’ve been calling them kids on the interweb).  

And as I’ve been paying for things I’ve been clocking the price so that I can report back to you with prices.

So here we are. Brian and I. Your knights in Greek togas. Able and willing to share with you the exact cost of what a month in Greece will set you back.




Family taking a vacation in Greece. What it costs to stay in Greece

Here we are look! Me and my young adult kids. In Greece. For a month!


How We Afford To Travel The World

How We Afford To Travel The World

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a thousand times: How do you afford to travel the world? Are you rich? How do you afford to keep taking so much time off to travel? Why haven’t you got a proper job? 

I cannot wait to share this episode with you!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that we would be a couple who could say, ‘we have location independent jobs and get paid while travelling the world’.


Yet it seems that’s exactly what we’re doing.

It took five years to get to this point. From quitting our job, selling our business and renting our house out for a year to take our kids around the world, to now. Travelling Europe for six months in a classic car.

In this episode, Brian and I share the journey of how we did it. how we afford to travel and everything that this incredible adventure has given us (so far!).





Going on Vacation. 39 Simple Ways To Make It Better

Going on Vacation. 39 Simple Ways To Make It Better

Going on vacation can go one of two ways.

Either you ease yourself into your holiday preparation nice and gently, leave yourself no room for mistakes by using a  travel checklist  that Mary Poppins would be proud of


You can be like the majority of people who are planning a vacation.

You save up all year, get stressed out of your brain worrying about anything and everything including the fact that you forgot to buy travel insurance, and then freak out because the kids aren’t as excited as they should be.

Only to return home two weeks later feeling broke, frazzled and quite frankly, exhausted.

And you have sunburn on your shoulders.

Sound faintly familiar? Just a teeny bit?


6 (More) of The Most Beautiful Places in The World

6 (More) of The Most Beautiful Places in The World

If you had to pick just a few, which would you say were the most beautiful places in the world to visit?

This is a question that our family hears a lot when we tell how we spent twelve months travelling the world together (two adults and two teenagers) on a budget.

We visited thirty-three countries in total – all of them magnificent – but some wore the crown of being a teeny bit more beautiful than others.

If you would like to watch the video of our podcast while you read, then scroll to the bottom of the post! 



7 Most Beautiful Places On Earth (& Why You Need To Visit Them)

7 Most Beautiful Places On Earth (& Why You Need To Visit Them)

Which were the most beautiful places on earth?

This is the question that everyone asks you when you tell them that you spent twelve months travelling the world with your teenagers.

That, and did they miss their friends?

This week, Sonny (my 18-year-old son) and I made a podcast episode that talked about our favourite places around the world and why they were considered by us to be deemed beautiful.


Why not listen to the podcast on the world’s most beautiful countries while you read the blog post? OR if you are a more visual person we have also recorded the podcast so that you can watch the video further down the post!



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