This week’s podcast is brought to you by me (Liz) and my husband Brian.

It is brought to you with love. And with wine and with sushi.

This is a different kind of podcast format from any other that we’ve done in the past (and, I won’t lie, it was slightly scarier).

 Brain and I will talk about what’s on top for us right now. As parents. As husband and wife. As friends.

What share we are loving, what are we struggling with and how we are dealing with both.



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Talking It Through


I think it is so important (especially now when the world is a bit weird and crazy and nobody knows what on earth is going on) to keep it real.

To keep it honest.

And to keep talking about normal everyday stuff.

So we can pretend like we’re normal.


So that we can be here for each other and work through things together. Like normal grown-ups.


Otherwise, we spend far too much time in our own heads – and we all know what that feels like.

Like going into one of those the hall of mirrors walkthroughs at a funfair.

Where one reflection shows you looking gorgeous and then the next mirror reveals a two-foot-tall tennis ball with no legs with a neck like a tortoise.



I loved doing this show with Brian.

And not just because I was able to indulge in wine and sushi, but because it made me feel vulnerable. Both of us.

Vulnerability is not the most pleasant emotion to deal with but it’s a necessary one if we want to feel alive.

The fabulous Brené Brown talks about vulnerability in her book Daring Greatly (If you haven’t already done so and this is a subject that interests you then read the book – it’s fabulous.)

Vulnerability gets you out of your comfort zone.

Vulnerability lets you grow and reminds you who you are. How alive you are.

And if you can deal with being vulnerable then the rest should seem like a piece of cake.



Man with a cat on his knee chatting on the new Zealand podcast


Woman chatting on the new Zealand podcast


Why We Did This Podcast Episode (& why we will do more if you enjoy them)


We did this podcast episode in the hope that we…

✔︎ We will stay connected. Not only with each other but with every one of you lovely people who kindly take the time to listen to this podcast. Even though there are a million others you could be listening to.

✔︎ Will remind you that no matter how people appear on the outside – inside they are probably going through the same sh*it and naggy life problems that everyone else is going through. Without a doubt.

✔︎Demonstrate how (in most cases), we find it best to make light of sh*t and niggly problems. That way they don’t bother you so much.

✔︎Could drink wine and eat sushi without having to listen to: ‘how much have you had? That’s your second glass…So and so’s mum never drinks wine every night…”


Man and wife talking on their new Zealand podcast


In this podcast episode, Brian and Liz share…

🌟 The first thing we did once the lockdown laws were lifted

🌟 The joys of teaching a teenager to drive (and the one thing Brain does that drives me insane?!)

🌟 Our different parenting techniques

🌟 Our plans to take a weeks break (ALONE) and stay in a converted bus (ALONE) in the middle of winter in the middle of the New Zealand bush. (ALONE).


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