We weren’t going to release this podcast episode.

The original plan was to discuss whether, after losing her mum to cancer six weeks ago, the deep sadness Liz is feeling is normal grief (as one would expect) or a worryingly worsening depression.

And while that’s what we did end up discussing, the route we took to arrive at the conclusion was different to what we anticipated.

We were ready to scrap the episode and start again.

But. We changed our mind.

On reflection (and a large red wine later), we agreed that these authentic, unscripted, messy conversations are often the most valuable.

We certainly hope so. 

You are incredibly important and cherished by us both. If you are suffering in any way, please talk to a professional who can help. You are loved, and you are not alone. 

Until next time. Kia kaha.


Liz and Brian xx




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Husband and wife on a podcast: It's a Drama Podcast. Talking about grief and depression and how, when someone dies you know what is normal grief and worrying depression.


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