This week’s podcast is a behind-the-scenes chat with Liz and her daughter, Tessa.

Tessa (19) is a regular guest on the podcast. Since her last visit, she has flown the nest to start a new life alone in the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington.

As is often the case with life, things don’t always turn out as we expect them to. We don’t feel the way we anticipate. Life throws us challenges, and although they are necessary for us to grow, new experiences aren’t always easy or pleasant.

And that’s why we wanted to share this conversation.

I asked Tessa to come to the microphone and share what life has been like moving away and living alone for the first time.

We know that many of you listening to this podcast have kids, and we hope by sharing what Tessa feels (and her experiences), you will resonate, and it will help in some small way. 

Sit back, pour yourself something nice and join this intimate conversation between mother and daughter. 

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