We moved to New Zealand with kids (age 8 and 5) from the UK twelve years ago.

To say that we were wet behind the ears is an understatement. Rather we were sodding drenched.

We emigrated to New Zealand from the UK and within the first year of being in the country, we had made more mistakes than we had in our entire lives combined. 

If You Prefer to Watch, The 5 Rookie NZ Mistakes Video is Below! 

Family at a lighthouse in New Zealand. Making mistakes in New Zealand

Trying to look happy but wondering what the hell we were doing??


5 Mistakes (We Made) When We Moved To New Zealand

When we first moved to New Zealand we pretty much made things up as we went along. As you do.

Perhaps we underestimated how big a move New Zealand was.

 As well as getting our heads around day to day differences such as New Zealand slang words, getting to know about the New Zealand culture (even the New Zealand food took some getting used to!), we were also making bigger decisions.

Like what car to buy, where to live and what working in New Zealand would look like.


Family in campervan in new Zealand. Moving to New Zealand mistakes

Maybe we should just live in this motor home for the rest of our New Zealand lives??


In this week’s podcast episode, (we also have a video version if you would prefer to watch!) Liz and her husband Brian, discuss 5 rookie mistakes that they made within the first year of living in New Zealand


1: Gambling with our currency. 💰

2: Trying to rent a house in New Zealand from the UK 🏡

3: Buying a car from an auction. 🚙

4: Trying to be too sociable.👫

5: Jumping at the first opportunity (out of fear).😰






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