The Travel Bog Diaries. A Peek at What it’s Really Like to Travel The World With Two Teenagers and a Bag of Hormones!

The Bog Diaries. The STD Talk With Your Teen. (How NOT To Do It)

"My friend said that all parents should have told their teenage daughters about STD by the time they are at least 14. When are you going to tell me about it?" My daughter. 15 next week. Going on sixty. For Christ sake. Just when I was about to settle down with a nice...

The Bog Post Diaries. How To Be A Bullshitter And Succeed.

want to be an entrepreneur. I have seen all of these young fillies on Instagram selling their tie-dyed t-shirts and their sailor pants, and I have decided that I want a slice of that cool gang pie. We are in Thailand, Chiang Mai to be...

The Bog Post Diaries. Getting Sloshed at the Rockfest.

Iwent to a festival last night. The local village Rockfest. I got to stay up late past ten o’clock. Yes, I know you’ll be shocked, me being the classy, organic chick that I am and all but hey. What can I say? Sometimes Mummy’s just have to get down with the sounds and chill.

The Queen of Travel Blogging. Meeting My Hero.

I have been blogging for almost ten months and in that time have surrounded myself with other travel bloggers. I Istarted blogging because I longed to reach out and talk to people. Grown-ups. Adults – other than the sheep shearer.

The Day Mummy’s Post Went Viral. The Travel Bog Diaries.

Viral. A Quora viral post. Get me. I’m not sure about the term viral. I think it’s a new-fangled internet thingy. The only viral I’ve witnessed these past few months is when Brian’s ears blocked up and he annoyingly insisted on cupping his hand over

The Travel Bog Diaries. Humiliated in Vietnam.

ecause we are kind and occasionally like to give the kids a break from sitting on the side of the road sucking up noodles, we decided to treat them to a proper tourist day out. The term 'tourist' sends shivers down my spine. It is a dirty word in...

The Travel Bog Diaries. Pumping my Thighs In Thailand.

very single pair of pants that I've ever bought in Asia, the stitching has gone in between the legs. Gone at the crutch as my Grandma would have said. Every. Single. Pair. Either somebody is playing a cruel joke on me here, or my bum cheeks are...

The Travel Bog Diaries. Thrown Out Of A Yoga Class In India

y desire to indulge in some yoga came out after I witnessed the perfect family in India. Perfect kids, perfect Mother. I concluded that this must surely be a result of partaking in either a) dancing around the full moon naked, b)...

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