Lately, when I drop into bed at night, I find myself asking how on earth I got through the last twelve hours. Quite often, I don’t remember what I did or half of what I said.

Yet, if you passed me in the street, you’d think I was a normal, everyday person going about her day, coping. Doing grown-up stuff. Making videos. Living without a mum.

This episode was inspired by you.

It is made in recognition of all those who have reached out to me, people who have shown their love and support and shared their grief journey stories. People who, from the outside, look happy and sorted and appear to have it all together.

But, like me, they don’t. Not always. And that’s okay.

As a good friend said to me, “Grief is a journey, not a destination”. 


My friend, Brian and I are here today, so neither of us has to make that journey alone.

Always remember, our hearts beat with yours.


Liz and Brian xx




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Liz and Brian Deacle from the It's a Drama Podcast!


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