After spending seven weeks backpacking around India with my kids (teenagers age 16 and 13) I thought we should do a podcast on the country (and put to bed the many myths that surround visiting India).

When I told people that we were planning a trip to India the response was…let’s say colourful.

Some (mostly those who were born before the 1960s and had spent their youth discovering Asia on a couple of quid) encouraged us: ‘you’ll love it’ they said and went on to talk about the beautiful Indian beaches or the temples in Hampi.

But others weren’t so encouraging.

They warned us about getting sick and losing ten stone and of standing for hours in line at the Taj Mahal.

They said that we might get eaten by giant rats and be left for dead— or worse, pushed out into the river Ganges on a raft made from a billion plastic bottles.


In this episode, we…


Talk about the realities of what it was like to backpack through India as a family. The men with no underwear, the food poisoning and the frogs.

We also discuss why India (and the Indians) are the brunt of so many memes on social media. (Sonny’s expertise not mine).

The link to Sonny’s drone video that he talks about is here.

The photo that we took on the rooftop bar in Agra is here!



A family travel to the Taj Mahal to see if the rumours were true about all the crowds and selfie seekers

The only people I would ever want a selfie with. To be asked would have been nice though…


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The film that I couldn’t remember the name of:

Passage to India. Buy it here



Other films that will make you fall in love with India (even more)

Check out this list of Indian films for more inspiration!


Booking trains and buses in India

The only company that I would ever suggest for all of your transport options in India is 12GoAsia. We used them throughout our trip and they were faultless. 


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Liz and Sonny 

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