The last podcast episode of 2020!

And what a year…because I am a nosey parker who likes to know everything about everyone I thought you might appreciate it if Brian and I opened up and shared with you what 2020 has been like for us.

A husband and wife living with two teenagers down here in New Zealand.


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Family in New Zealand


The Big Take-Aways From 2020

🤔 How a normal family of four adapted to lockdown in New Zealand. The pros and cons

🤔 Dealing with the plummeting mental health of our teenage daughter

🤔 Realising that more is not best. How (and why) Brian left his $$$ job to plough on with our online venture

🤔 The ways in which we dealt (and always seem to deal) with family unrest

🤔 Creating online businesses, changing your life and being brave enough to take a different direction when you’re 57 (and quite honestly feel knackered). 

🤔 Why moving forwards or even sideways is far better than sitting still or going backwards



Mother and daughter standing looking at the view in New Zealand


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Family overlooking the hills in New Zealand


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