It’s easy for me to bang on about how wonderful New Zealand is – my family and I have been living here for the last ten years and although the country has its pros and cons, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I adore the place.

Making the move to New Zealand was the best thing we ever did.

(Even if the kiwi slang words still drive me mad after almost a decade).

Still.  I probably am a bit biased.

So we thought we’d give you a treat…

This weeks podcast episode sees our first interview ever! We thought it would be fun for you to hear all about New Zealand from the eyes of a first-timer. Someone fresh off the boat and eager to explore.

(And not an old and crabby bag who is a bit stuck in her ways).


Our First Podcast Guest!


American tourist talking to a podcast host about his first impressions of visiting New zealand

My first podcast guest! Drinking wine and finding out what a visitor from America really thinks of New Zealand!

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This week’s lovely guest was Mark; an American tourist, who, having recently visited New Zealand for the first time this year was only too happy to share his first impressions of the country.


We found out:

  • What were Mark’s thoughts on the country that is ranked as the number one place in the world to live?
  • Did he find the grass was as green as emeralds and the streets to be paved with milk and honey?
  • Or did he return home disappointed at never having found a hobbit hole big enough to accommodate him?


Hobbit house in New Zealand


Visiting New Zealand For The First Time. An Unbiased View.


Mark Condon is not only my husband’s cousin, but is the husband to a gorgeous wife, MJ, and together they have four lovely boys. He lives in Rochester, New York where he runs his own business.

In January this year, along with two other family members, Mark finally ticked off his bucket list dream and visited New Zealand. He stayed with us and before he left I made him promise to give me this podcast interview and tell everyone about his first impressions of New Zealand.

Be warned.

If you ask to come and stay at my house in New Zealand we might rope you into becoming a podcast guest!

I hope you enjoy this insightful episode on first impressions of New Zealand as much as I did.


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(What happens on the podcast stays on the podcast)


In this week’s podcast episode Mark talked about 

🌟 The flight over to New Zealand. How he found it to be and what he would do differently.

🌟 Mark told me what the general impression of New Zealand was perceived to be in America and revealed whether or not that impression is indeed true!

🌟 Mark’s top tip for anyone thinking of visiting New Zealand

🌟 How much things cost in New Zealand. The American dollar and how far (or little) it went.


American man talking on a travel podcast about his first impression of New Zealand

Mark giving me the full rundown on his first impressions when visiting New Zealand!



Listen to the podcast episode here!






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