It’s on days like this that I tend to reminisce. Go back in my mind ten years to when Brian was working in his plumbing and heating business and I was at home with kids, doing my best to provide them with a rounded education.

Through my rose-tinted glasses, I see a calm and harmonious family who had a regular wage popping through the door every week. A life where the mother felt no need to put herself onto Youtube and make big fat mistakes in front of the world.

And then I take the glasses off and wipe them. And I remember that fear was always present.

There was the fear of some stuffing up my kid’s life by homeschooling them. Fear of Brian drowning in the pool of stress that filled his fifty-hour workweek. Fear of using cling film when the whole world had adopted that rubbery Honeywrap organic stretchy stuff. Fear of doing things differently.

Fear. Loads of fear.

This week’s podcast was made to inspire you. To encourage you to move forward with whatever it is you are doing. Even if (especially if) that thing is causing you to wobble and shake. 

Last week a friend reminded me of the Mark Twain quote:

 Courage is not the lack of fear. It is acting in spite of it.

Another quote that I shall be using often came from my husband, Brian Deacle:

 Have courage. Trust in yourself.




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