Finding the best travel pants for a vacation that involves long flights (or car journeys)  is not easy.

Depending on the climate and the kind of holiday you are taking, you will want to look your best at all times but, more importantly, be comfortable.

Below, you will find a range of travel pants for every occasion.

Whether you are flying out to laze on a beach in the hot weather or are taking a sophisticated city break, we are confident that you will enjoy our hand-picked selection of the best travel pants for women.


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Best Travel Pants For Long Flights – 2024


There is no reason why you cannot wear smart pants on a long flight and still feel super comfortable.

It all comes down to the material that you choose.

You want something light and breathable, or you will become hot and bothered, and nobody likes to be like that on a plane.

Pair the following pants with a crisp white shirt (be careful with turbulence and wine!) or a soft linen blouse, some flat sandals, and away you fly!


Dickies Straight, Stretch Travel Pants


These straight-leg pants are perfect if you want to travel casually but smart at the same time.

These travel pants are made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex, giving you that comfortable stretch perfect for travelling on a plane.

Contoured midrise waistband featuring a stretchable lining to conform to your shape.

Straight leg fit with flatteringly flat, welt back pockets, a double belt loops at centre back for more support

Wrinkle-resistant fabric


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I bought a pair of these fleece-lined yoga pants as an excuse for “something to wear on the plane”. We all know how important it is to pack plane essentials that make you feel comfy and gorgeous.

I swear I have hardly taken them off, and neither will you. They are divine.

These yoga dress pants are fitted through the hip and thigh, giving you a lovely and flattering shape. They have a wide-leg fit that looks great with pumps, flats or athletic shoes.

Take my word for it: You’ll wear them on the plane and after that. You will never have them off — Click here for prices




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Roll up, Stretch Pants


These fashionable roll up and stretch pants are made from 97% nylon and 3% spandex, making them wrinkle-free and stretchy and perfect for long flights overseas.

These are more adventure pants, so they would be perfect if you have been searching for the best hiking pants to take on vacation with you.

Cross-functional pant

Stretch Zion fabric

Articulated knees

Perfect for those who enjoy hiking



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Travel Pants For Women. Gorgeous and Casual Plus Size 



 With no buttons or zips to worry about, the elasticated waist of these casual pants makes them very easy to pull on and off.

They are 100% cotton and have comfort and style written all over them!

Cotton Cropped Wide-Leg Straight Pants With Pockets

Simple Design, Loose Fit / Casual Style with High Waist.

Perfect for wearing on the plane (and when you return home!) 

Pair with a soft tee shirt and a pair of flats.



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Ultimate Comfy Plane Outfits


This two-piece outfit is an oversized knitted loungewear. The sweater is loose and slouchy and the pants seem free and stretchy. 

These gorgeous pants are the ultimate in comfort and style. Comes in many colours, this plane outfit is simple and generous.

Pants are suitable for any size.

 You can select the size from S to 5XL (I’d be inclined to go a few sizes bigger for extra slouchy comfort!  — Click here for prices



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Slouchy (but stylish) Plane Outfit.  Perfect For Those Long-Haul Flights




Oh…I LOVE this plane outfit…A two-piece high-neck knitted tracksuit for women: A pullover top with wide-leg pant sweatsuits that looks and feels divine.

The pants have a high elasticated waist (perfect for that annoying plane bloat). The outfit is a relaxed fit, suitable for all body shapes.  — Click here for prices




Other Plane Essentials


The Best Travel Pillow


This fabulous J pillow is brilliant.

You can twist into any position, making it ideal for those whose chin tends to fall forward like me!

It provides neck support by filling the gap between the head and shoulders, making it the best-patented travel support pillow for travel.

You can twist the pillow into several positions.

The design is perfect for full support while sleeping upright without getting a stiff neck, making it perfect for Airplane flights, cars, busses or trains — Click here for prices



Travel Shawl

This Incredibly versatile travel shawl is a must-travel essential when it comes to warm accessorizing. 

This gorgeous wrap serves as a pashmina shawl, dressy scarf, poncho, blanket, and more. It can also be worn alone or layered elegantly with other clothing.

It is lightweight, breathable and 2x softer than cotton, leaving a soothing, warm feel to your skin.

This fabric has UPF 50+ sun shield and moisture-wicking properties, making it perfect for all weather!
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A Comfortable Eye Mask


I was bought this brilliant 3D Eye Mask present before we left on our backpacking trip, and it is the BEST thing for getting sleep on the plane.

It has a 3D groove design in the eye socket, creating the airy barrier you need to stay sleeping.

There is no eye pressure, which is super important

There is no comparison between this and the regular eye masks — Click here for prices



Foot Hammock


There’s one thing that drives me mad when I’m on a plane, and it’s when I discover there isn’t a footrest.

Before long, your legs start to ache, and you end up rolling up your sweatshirt so that you can raise your feet up slightly higher.

Not any more!

These brilliant travel essentials for the plane let you enjoy leg and lower back support while your legs swing gently with the motion of the plane. 

Simply loop the strap over your tray table arms and put your feet up! — Click here for prices


Best Travel Book!


While there are many books about travel I could recommend you read while taking your vacation, there is one in particular that I am going to recommend. The Travel Bog Diaries!

Here’s why I think you will LOVE the Travel Bog Diaries.

1: If you are this far down the post, then you obviously like my style of writing. 

2: You are a woman, and this book was written for you. 

3: You are a man buying travel items for his partner. You’re nice. You’re allowed to read this book.

4: You love to travel. This is a book about a woman who throws her regular life up in the air to travel the world for a year.

5: It’s as FUNNY as hell.

6: It was written by MEEEEE!! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist..!)

The Travel Bog Diaries. One Woman’s Hilarious Confessions of Surviving Family World Travel! Click here for prices


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And Last But Not Least, Best Multi-Trip Travel Insurance!


By far the least one of the most important travel essentials you will need before you set off on your flight.


Fantastic Travel Insurance

We use World Nomads regardless of whether we are taking a trip for a week or a year, and they are fabulous.

I recently cracked a tooth while eating ribs in Bangkok (as you do) and needed an emergency root canal filling.

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FAQ About Plane Travel


Q: Can you take tweezers on the plane?

A: Yes, you can take tweezers on a plane. Pack them in your carry-on and/or checked bag. The TSA says tweezers are allowed in hand luggage. 

Q: Can you bring toothpaste on a plane?

A: Yes! As long as it is less than or equal to 3.4oz/100 ml (in other words, one of those little travel ones). Put it into one of the clear bags at security.

Q: Can you bring a lighter on the plane?

A: As of 2023, you can bring ONE “common lighter” (i.e., a plastic BIC lighter) onto the cabin, provided the lighter is kept on your body. Do not put it in your hold luggage or hand luggage after the screening.

Q: Can you bring candles on a plane? 

A: According to TSA, candles are allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage as long as they’re solid candles. Not sure what a solid candle is (I know, confusing..) Well. A solid candle is any candle made of solid, hardened wax. For example, candles made with paraffin, soy wax, beeswax, palm wax, coconut wax, and more.


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I hope you enjoyed this post on the best airplane pants for travel, and I hope that you found something to suit you!

If you know someone who would appreciate this post, then please spread the love; until then, enjoy your travels and continue to look gorgeous!




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